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Hot offers and last minute deals! Here you'll find a collection of links both to the homepages of tour operators and travel agencies in Finland. Most of the sites are in Finnish, however, but typically the personnel can speak fluent English. We wish that these will help you! Of course, you could also contact us, e.g. if needed for assistance. In that case see the contact information at the bottom of the page.

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People in Sweden speak Swedish and also English, so making the travel reservation will be quite easy. The payments for the travel can be made e.g. by using a credit card in the internet. The connections from Finland to Sweden are outstanding and there are several alternatives to choose from, including from low cost airplanes to luxory cruise ships, which are actually very reasonable priced. The main airport in Stockholm, Sweden, is called Arlanda, where you can fly directly or by sailing in the luxory cruise ship to Stockholm - in that way the holiday begins already in the Finnish side of the journey. Busses will take you from the harbour to the Cityterminalen from where the express trains "Arlanda Express" and busses "Flygbussarna" travel to the Arlanda airport. Often it is possible to find excellent travel deals from Sweden, especially during spring, later in the summer and nearby the Christmas and New Year.

The prices in the Swedish travel sites are given as the Swedish Kronas. One Krona is about 0.11 euros or 0.12 US dollars. 1 euro is about 9.5 Swedish kronas, whereas 1 US dollar is about 8.1 Swedish Kronas.

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People in Netherlands speak excellent English, so getting the travel tickets from there is easy. One way to make a reservation is to use a credit card and ask that the tickets would be delivered to the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, which has desks, from where the tickets can be picked up. Flights from Finland to Amsterdam typically cost about 180-250 euros depending on the air carrier. At least the following airline companies fly between Finland and Amsterdam: Finnair, SAS, Blue1 and KLM.

The arrangements in the Schiphol airport are good and it is very easy to move around there. Everything is on its place. If there would be time between the journeys, Amsterdam is very near! The easiest way to go there would be to take a train from the airport and to buy a whole day returning ticket, which will cost only some euros. There are very good travel offers in Netherlands all around the year even to the other side of the world.

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