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Toyota Starlet  
We can sell toyota starlet glanza v turbo ep91 which is Japanese used modified sports cars. When you need toyota starlet glanza v turbo ep91 which is Japanese used modified sports cars of different spec

R 380  
R 380 Offers its new models of sports cars for sale.

Croda T  
With a solid experience in, and with accurate information on, the automobile Industry, we are highly trusted by our customers. In particular, with customers overseas we often agree on deals through only communication devices, without ever Meeting directly in person. This testifies how much mutual trust there is between our customers and us in our dealings. Since 1987, we have won great trust from foreign Customers through our substantial business record in car export. This has allowed us to share the great trust and comfort when dealing with potential Clients who we do not meet in person. We would like to invite everyone who has visited our website to select and purchase a car on display, and drive away with satisfaction. It is our utmost pleasure to help you Create a wonderful life.

Toky Motorshow  
A lot of prototypes were displayed again at this Show. However, few of these were exhibited merely as advertisements as was seen at the previous show. Some models were aimed at actual marketing.

Mazda has been creating products and services that delight our customers since its establishment in 1920. During our history, we have worked tirelessly at developing the rotary engine, eventually managing to successfully commercialize it. And now, building on that technology in the name of environmental friendliness, we have developed a hydrogen rotary engine and have become the first company in the world to begin commercial leasing of a car that can run on hydrogen fuel. This demonstrates how Mazda is always willing to embrace new and worthwhile technologies. We believe that Mazda is about more than delighting and exciting our customers with our products and services. As a responsible corporate citizen, Mazda also strives to fulfill our social responsibilities and contribute to the development of the world through all of our corporate activities. While working hard to develop our infrastructure and organization, we believe that the quality of our corporate activities depends on the quality of our employees. Based on the motto, “Developing the people that make the products,” we are actively engaged in human resource development.

Camel Japan  
Camel Japan Offers its new models of sports cars for sale.

Japanese Manufaturers  
Japanese manufaturers are world leaders in sports car production with famous brands like the Nissan Skyline, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Suzuki and others making high performance sports cars which you can buy and export to your country and save a lot of money.

J Garage  
We are a Japanese car exporter based on Shizuoka, Japan. We export JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) used cars, new JDM cars, race cars, performance JDM parts, JDM genuine parts, and JDM second hand parts from Japan. The web site also have information for all Japanese sports cars enthusiasts.


Japan Dynamics  
We are exporter of GT & sports cars from Japan to overseas countries for several years. Japandynamics is one section of and specializes in Japanese GT cars like racing cars to normal cars.We have a leading network of GT cars in Japan and there are mechanical engineer of them.All of our cars are checked over to make sure they are solid running cars.That is to say we have never sold our cars with "as is" condition after we got them from auto auction or Racing car dealer.So you might feel that our cars are not reasonable price.But if once you look our car,you will satisfy that our car is in excellent condition.We feel strongly that our cars are the best.If stick at the prices,we will not be able to be your partner. We are passionate about custmer service and dedicated to satisfy your needs and we are now looking for the partners who are honesty and seriously. We will be your partner who can understand our corpolate policy that we always try to supply high quality used cars.

Tokyo R&D  
We, Tokyo R&D, specialize in the automotive R&D. Our expertise spreads over; development works for OEMs of 2 & 4 wheeler production, experimental, racing and show model vehicles, BEV & HEV and relevant motor, inverter, battery system and charger, mechatronics technology, composite material parts, engine / power train test & evaluation, embedded systems development, as well as development, manufacture and sales of racing cars. Under collaboration with Vemac Car Company (manufacturer) we distribute sports car “Vemac RD200”, and we race with “Vemac RD408R” which both reflects our technology.

Aisin AI  
Aisin AI offers a wide lineup of serialized MT's for compact cars through to sports cars and commercial vehicles. Our goal was to become the number one manual transmission maker in the world. We are developing our business to establish a presence in markets the world over. Aisin AI will continue to be a competitive global player, by developing safe, comfortable products that provide a fun and enjoyable driving experience, and by pioneering new opportunities that will lead to even further growth.

Kinki Company Ltd.  
Welcome to Kinki Company Ltd. - one of the largest exporters of new and used cars worldwide, based in Japan. Established in 1960, we operate as both a retail and wholesale used car dealer, ensuring that we always have the exact car you want at a price which is reasonable to your budget

BMW Offers its new models of sports cars for sale.

Ford Offers its new models of sports cars for sale.

All Cars Japan  
For the best cars and 4x4 vehicles in the world, you've come to the right place. From top of the range sports cars to family hatchbacks and saloons to tough 4x4 vehicles, we can supply them all.

Jaguar Offers its new models of sports cars for sale.

Mazda offers its new and used sports cars for sale.

Mercedes Benz  
Mercedes Benz offers its new and used sports cars for sale.

Tri Lane Inc.  
Tri-Lane Inc. offers a wholesale vehicle supply service from Japan like no other. Absolute confidence in your partner in Japan is a must. We take your peace of mind seriously when you choose Tri-Lane Inc. as your wholesale JDM and American used vehicle provider.Most used JDM vehicle companies will provide an auction or private source buying service. At Tri-Lane Inc. we take it to another level. Every vehicle bought from Tri-Lane Inc. comes with an inspection:

Nissan offers its new and used sports cars for sale.

Proslink Import & Export Company  
Proslink Import & Export Company is a private sports, racing and luxury automobile trading specialist of right hand and left hand drive vehicles, supplying sales and services in Europe, North America, the Middle East and most of Asia (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Singapore and India). We have an extensive worldwide dealer network supplying all top brands of motor vehicles from 1) Europe 2) Japan 3) North America. This network enables us to offer the best service and prices to meet all customer needs.

Peugeot offers its new and used sports cars for sale.

Porsche offers its new and used sports cars for sale.

Japancar Exports  
Japancar Exports offers exporting of all kinds of japan made sports cars.

Japanese MODIFIED Cars Exporter  
We are Japanese MODIFIED cars exporter based in TOKYO JAPAN to export almost any countries in the world. We export any kind of sports cars done light - heavily modified cars with RHD and LHD. I'm belonging to this business under MODIFIED CAR DEALER in TOKYO for 7years. After that we build up our own company then it already past 3years now. I'm keep on driving modified cars since I was 18years old and it past 10years but I'm still in love to drive any kind of modified cars. From my experience, I really can find what the problem is and what happened if it's not perfect condition. I could not build up and re-mapping CPU ROM but I'm doing light works like replacing Any kind of parts (even its replacing turbine or etc) then bring cars to tuner's place then ask them to setup CPU. Our mainly business is selling LIGHT - HEAVILY MODIFIED CARS and all the FULL MODIFIED or HEAVILY MODIFIED CARS, before we purchase, we will check all the condition about ENGINE, TURBINE, TRANSMISSION, DIFFERENTIAL, SHOCK & SUSPENSION, ELECTRIC CONDITION (All the electric parts works exactly) and etc. So, we are hoping that we can supply with exactly judged condition cars for you. Then if we found some troubles, we will inform you about this and make it solve or find another one for you. We can do light works and we are with tuning factory so that we can do anything you want (need) with reliable works and most important is COMPETITIVE price.

Moon Craft  
Moon Craft offers Race car design; manufacture; maintenance - Racing team management; Car race activities - Restoration of old cars; mainly racing vehicle - Research and Development with Wind Tunnel testing

Malik Sekine Boeki Co.,Ltd.  
Malik Sekine Boeki Co.,Ltd. is one of the most prestigous & reliable name in automobile dealers in Japan since 1989. You will find our name amongst the most experienced, excellent in service, and reliable automobile exporting company in Japan. As the member of all leading auto auctions in Japan, we buy only quality and well maintained vehicles from auctions or from reputed local dealers. We inspect vehicles very strictly in order to maintain the highest standards.

Skay Ltd  
Japan has one of the largest second hand car markets in the world. Every day, thousands of cars are sold through auction houses situated in the largest cities in Japan. Through us, you can access the Japanese auctions market. We also keep a stock of cars that you can browse and purchase.

Tani Pak  
We are an exporter of all kinds used automobiles - Passenger Cars, Vans, Sports Cars, RVs, Buses, Trucks, etc. Though our main market is Russia & Central Asia, but we export to a number of other countries too, & can export to any port of the world, for which a commercial shipping service is available from Japan. We have a big stock yard, to fulfill the needs of our customers in better way. We also provide housing & lodging to our customers, if they want o visit Japan & buy the vehicles by themselves. In such case, we will handle the custom & shipment procedures, & export those vehicles to the destination mentioned by the customer. We will provide all these facilities on very reasonable charges.