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Sports Cars  
All of China is hotly anticipating the 29th Olympiad taking place in Beijing, an event for which Mercedes-Benz is equally excited. To celebrate this monumental occasion, it has decided to launch the SLK 350 Passion 08 limited edition as a special gift to Chinese SLK lovers on May 1. Together with the Asia premiere of the SL roadster, the CLK and CLS coupes, and the debut of the CL coupe in China, the SLK 350 Passion leads the way for the ever expanding Mercedes-Benz sports car lineup in China, making an indisputable argument that sportiness is an indelible attribute of the three-pointed star.

Audi AG  
The Audi AG continues this tradition of success with the commencment of formal production of the second-generation Audi TT sports car at its Hungarian Gyor Plant. Mr. J醤os K髃a, Hungarian Minister of Economy and Communication and Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Member of Audi AG's Board of Management who is in charge of production made a joint announcement of the successful rolling-off-the-line of the first Audi TT sports car. This new model will be formally launched on the market in September 2006 while the Audi TT Cabriolet will come out in early 2007. Audi has made a total investment of 230 million euro for the production of the Audi TT. 20 million of that amount will be used for the latest production equipment at Gyor Plant. By the early 2007, the assembly procedures can be completed with a three-shift system and 800 employees will work on the TT assembly line. The new Audi TT production line has a larger production capacity than its predecessor and by the end of 2006, 20,000 TT sports cars will have been produced. Since its formal production commencement in 1998, the Audi Gyor Plant has seen 270,000 Audi TT Roadsters or TT Cabriolets roll off the assembly line.

ChangAn Cabriolet  
ChangAn Cabriolet "Chinese dragon" which is the exclusive sports car designed by ChangAn.The successful design process involved the development of a symbolism of shapes in a symbiosis of classical and modern styles. The idea was to create a sports car with the potential to become tomorrow's classic. Sports cars such as the "Chinese dragon" appeal to an exclusive target group where traditional elements of style are appreciated and expected. This is the reason the designers allowed themselves to be inspired by a repertoire of classical shapes and designs. Autonomy, individuality, and exclusiveness - these were the basic concepts governing the design process.

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Hyundai Motor  
现代汽车会长郑梦九凭借卓越的领导能力和强有力的执行能力,于去年入围由美国著名的《商业周刊》评选的汽车领域“2004年最佳CEO”,为世界所瞩目。根据《商业周刊》的评语,郑梦九会长入围“2004年最佳CEO”的最主要的理由是,现代汽车的索纳塔在由美国J.D.Power公司进行的新车品质指数评价中,力压丰田、奔驰、宝马等以品质著称的著名品牌跻身第一名等,通过对品质的改善,拓展全球的经营,使得现代汽车的销售业绩较前年获得了大幅度的增长。 郑梦九自1999年就任现代汽车会长以后,总结汽车服务领域的经验教训,努力实践“品质至上”的经营理念,把现代汽车发展成为世界一流企业。特别是,在韩国国内市场连续不景气,内销逐渐降低的情况下,郑梦九会长凭借其卓越的经营能力和领导能力,大力开拓海外市场大幅度地扩大了出口,从而在美国等世界市场取得了令人瞩目的销售增长。

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Mercedes-Benz (China) Ltd.  
Mercedes-Benz (China) Ltd. was established in 1986 More than 90 authorized sales and service centers across the country Comprehensive portfolio: dozens of premium models traveling on the roads of China Hand-in-hand with Beijing Auto Industry company (BAIC): The local-built Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan The Mercedes-Benz center will be opened in Beijing in 2008 Being a good corporate citizen and placing great emphasis on its social responsibilities Displaying brand connotations and actively involved in the dissemination and development of culture and sports in China

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THE PONTIAC solstice andsaturn sky are affordable two-seat sportscars, but they're not, strictly speaking, Miatafighters.they're a half size bigger, they'reheavier, and they need the optional turboengine to provide enough fun to match theWorld's Most Popular sports car, whichconversely is designed more for handlingthan for speed. chrysler's dodge demonconcept, making its debut at the Genevamotor show and named after a tarted-upearly 1970s dodge dart, may ultimatelybecome the sports car GM's bob Lutz sayshe's dreamed of since his chrysler days.