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Made In Japan  
Made In Japan offers home and office funiture ads and price details.

Matsumoto Kagu Furniture  
Matsumoto-kagu furniture was first made in the latter half of the 16th century to meet the demands of people living in the area. Around the 18th century production of furniture such as chests of drawers and dining tables for everyday use began. With the development of transport, furniture began to be shipped to all parts of Japan, and became known throughout the country. Matsumoto furniture is made of timber such as zelkova and Japanese oak, and is assembled using traditional methods into extremely solid furniture. It is then coated with over ten layers of lacquer, which brings out its depth and beauty. Chests of drawers, display shelves and low tables are still being made today. Matsumoto furniture was designated a traditional craft in 1976.

Ocn Furniture  
Ocn Furniture offers home and office furniture.

KOTOBUKI Furniture.  
Connections between 'person' to 'person' and 'community' to 'person' bring us comfort and communication. KOTOBUKI proposes various types of spaces through its Street Furniture for developing townscapes and comfortable communities, and garden furniture for creating communities with greenery and flowers, and community furniture for cherishing the connection between person to person.

Japanes Furniture  
Japanes furniture refered to tansu was not in common since people didn't have enough kimonos to store.Around Edo period (1600-1868) ,chest with wheel became popular for the reason of being ovable;however, year of 1657 in Edo,many people got caught between chests when they tried to run away from fire..Since then,the goverment forbade to pruduct them anymore and ordered to make tansu with handls to be portable.Not only tansu, but also most of Japanese furniture from large to small ones can be taken them apart and easily store them in minimized space.Considering Japanese distinct climate,,appropriate woods and decorations were applied to different chest.Furniture of lady and merchant are usually nicely made with fine details,but generally, Japanese carpently is higly praised even today.

Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.  
18F Shinjuku-Nomura Bldg. 1-26-2 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0570, JAPAN

Ren Nos Furniture  
Ren Nos Furniture offers home and office furniture.

Home & Furniture  
Benippon offers Home & Furniture for sale.

Strapya World  
Strapya World offers home and office furniture.


Brook Heaven  
Brook Heaven offers home and office furniture.

Atelier Opa  
Atelier Opa offers home and office furniture.

Brianne Well  
Brianne Well offers home,office and garden furniture in japan.

Furniture Classifieds  
Craigslist offers Furniture Classifieds in japan.

Kodo Furniture  
Kodo Furniture offers home and office furniture.

Matsumoto Furniture  
Matsumoto furniture developed from one of the trades set up around the time that Matsumoto in present-day Nagano Prefecture became a castle town in the latter half of the 16th century. It was not until the end of the Edo period (1600-1868), however, that the production of household furniture actually began. At the outset, chests, china cupboards and tables were made to meet the needs of those living in the castle town and its surrounding area but with the development of transportation, the furniture began to be sold further afield and the town became well known nationwide as a furniture production center.

Bo Concept Japan K.K.  
Bo Concept Japan K.K. offers home and office furniture.

Bali Furniture Hirochan  
Bali is an island of a long history and the art culture encompassed richly and naturally. It has the history of the old dynasty culture, and race rich color Bali is maximum Shuppingspot in Asia. I introduce the furniture made in such Bali. Wood manufacture, rattan product, and bamboo product. It is sure to produce to the interior of the room surely beautifully additionally. Please often confirm the size and making, etc. because one point and it is handmade by one point and buy it.

Soil Valley Furniture  
Soil Valley Furniture offers home and office furniture.

Shogado Furniture  
Shogado Furniture offers CHAIR, CABINET, TABLE for sale.

Seiichi Yamanaka  
29-6 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033

Furniture Design Agra  
'Furniture Design Agra' is organized by Nanae Hara, a furniture designer. She has participated in 'Happening', one of the largest interior events in Japan. Some of you reading this might know of her since she's been featured in some interior/life style magazines. We interviewed Nanae Hara of 'Furniture Design Agra' an entitywith a great reputation both in Japan and overseas.

Herman Miller  
Herman Miller is a beautiful, modern office simply not enough space, there is a place to solve problems and think about it."Is designed to solve the problem," Herman Miller has been established since the concept.

Modernica Furniture  
Modernica Furniture offers home and office furniture.

Matsuoka Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd.  
Matsuoka Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., are committed to produce the finest furniture supported by 140 years of business history, tradition, technology and many systems that were invented to stand with any variable weather changes in four seasons and we also give a final finishing even to the areas where they are not visible from outside. As a custom prevalent among the country in Japan, the parent of ?gwould be bride?h gives the furniture set consist of wardrobe, chest and dresser etc. as a wedding gift. The furniture is made to stand not only one generation but also to the generations after. The Japanese calls these furniture as a ?gWedding Furniture?h and ?gFuchu Furniture?h has the name as No.1 brand.

Lumi Furniture  
Lumi furniture is the furniture combined light. We spin light into fabric, as if weave threads. This furniture covered fabrics combines light which is LED(light emitted diode). As a result , light and fabric becomes abundantly in an expression. Lumi furniture can make the space filled light.

Main Library YAMAGIWARIBINA offers home and office furniture.

1-3-10 Midarekawa Tendo Yamagata Japan 994-8601
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wooden furniture for contract market curved plywood furniture wooden parts for automobile
Branch :
Tendo, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya
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ISO 9001:2000 Head Office,Factory
Phone :
+81 23 653 3121 Fax :
+81 23 653 3454
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Fuchu City Furniture  
Fuchu City, located northern part in Hiroshima Prefecture, is well known for the finest furniture manufacturing district and has 300 years of tradition. Currently there are 250 furniture manufacturers and furniture-related companies in which form the city,s one of the major industry. Fuchu furniture has consecutively received high-ranking marks and awards including first place in many furniture competitions in Japan, and is well renowned nationwide for its carefully selected materials, highly developed skills and excellent workmanship. Three furniture manufacturers in the Fuchu district challenge their work to introduce their products for overseas market for the first time and they have worked and created together to launch the FUCHU FURNITURE JAPAN brand. The FUCHU FURNITURE JAPAN brand is designed and carefully crafted to fit a modern western lifestyle by their traditional spirits of the craftsman hierarchy developed in Fuchu and that is very similar to the artisan spirit of the German meister.

Okura Oriental Art  
Okura Oriental Art has have reputations as a shop that features the antiques to highlight interiors since it was established in 1975. Expert knowledge and advice are provided in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our hand-selected antiques complement with your lifestyle, rather than remaining hidden and locked away. We are pleased to provide items which will make your living space distinctive and beautiful.

Furniture & Appliance Shop  
XPS Tokyo, Tokyo's expat service company was formed to make living in Tokyo that much easier. We fully understand the complexities and difficulties involved in getting things done here and we are here to help you. Offering a wide range of services, catered to your needs, now you can just pick up the phone and get things done! Feel free to contact us anytime, 7 days a week, in English, French, or Japanese.