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Chang Gung Memorail Hospital

  DESCRIPTION:In pursuit to provide the people of Taiwan with high quality healthcare, Formosa Plastic Group Chairman Yung-Ching Wang and President Yung-Tsai Wang established Chang Gung Memorial.Hospital (CGMH) in 1976 in memory of their father,Mr.Chang-Gung Wang. During the early periods of its establishment, CGMH had played the role as a mediating center that introduced modern medical knowledge and technologies from around the world to Taiwan, now it aspires tobecome a world class medical center

Taichung Veterans General Hospital

  DESCRIPTION: In compliance with national policies,to strive health care.The most respected and trusted health careprovider in central Taiwan

China Medical University Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:As the hospital pertaining to the China Medical University, the CMUH is committed to providing excellent medical services, clinical education and research, and the modernization of Chinese Medicine. It is also our mission to make continual improvement of clinical education, research and medical services and to launch strategic alliance with reputed medical institutions sharing the same belief of the CMUH, in order to construct the China Medicine System for offering patient-focus high-quality and excellent services.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Established in 1981, the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital adhered to the principle of Mr. Y.Z Hsu, founder of the Far Eastern Group, “feeding back what e take from society”, and provided actively high-quality medical service for 1500thousand inhabitants in Pan Chiao, Tu Chen, Chung Ho, Hsu Lin, and Hsin Chuang areas.Since establishment the numbers of patients have been gradually increased, the beds are quickly added from 300 to present 600 beds, and now have been extended 1,000 beds after the completion of extension in November 2001.

Adventist Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Adventist Healthcare Association (AHCA) which provides affiliation with other eight Adventist healthcare facilities in Japan, Okinawa, South Korea, and Hong Kong.We have established affiliation with Adventist Health Managed Care of Northern California area which consists of four medical centers: Loma Linda University and Medical Center, White Memorial Medical Center, Glendale Adventist Medical Center, and Castle Medical Center.

Tzu Chi General Hospital
  DESCRIPTION: The first Tzu Chi General Hospital was inaugurated on August 17, 1986 and persist the life-respect principles, practicing medical care of patient-orientation in the eastern Taiwan. Because of enhanced medical quality and service quantity, Tzu Chi General Hospital has become the institution where people transfer the severely ill patients. In May, 1995, Tzu Chi General Hospital was promoted to be the first medical center

Jan Ai Hospital
  DESCRIPTION: To be the ideal health provider for the residents who live in the central part of Taiwan; and to provide quality health care services for the community. To provide a safe and comfortable medical environment for the people; to unify the staff in reaching the common goal of pursuing "excellence"; and to gain the community's trust and approval.

Mennonite Christian Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The Mennonite Christian Hospital stands in the city of Hualien, Taiwan, bordered on the east by the Pacific Ocean and on the west by the Central Mountain Range. Over the past half-century, with the rising and setting of the sun, and the ebb and flow of the tide, the staff of MCH, past and present, have striven wholeheartedly to raise the standard of healthcare. Medical care has been merged with evangelism in pursuit of the people's health and dignity through holistic healing.

Kaohsiung Venternans
  DESCRIPTION:VGH-KS, located in the northeast of Kaohsiung City and near Cheng-Ching Lake and the freeway, has a land area of 16.845 hectares, in which 121,444 m2 is designated for medical service and 69,621.5 m2 for affiliated buildings, including a 10-storey medical building and a 5-storey OPD building.


Wan- Fang Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Wan- Fang Hospital is located at the land where then “ Wan-Long ” and “ Fang-Chuan ” mines were located, hence contribute the name “ Wan-Fang ” . The Hospital was constructed since 1989. In May of 1996, Taipei City Hall chartered Taipei Medical University to plan and run the Hospital, which was formally inaugurated February 15, 1997 in order to serve the citizens. Therefore Wan-Fang Hospital is the first hospital owned by Taipei City government while run by civilians. In February of 1998, it passed the Regional Hospital Accreditation. In April, same year of 1998, the Hospital was granted No .1 in management performance evaluation among City Hospitals. In December of 1998, the Hospital was awarded the international quality certificate of ISO-9002.

International Medical Center
  DESCRIPTION:On August 21, 1996, Taipei City Government commissioned Taipei Medical University to run Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital, which initiated a successful milestone for the “public-private partnership” model. Our vision is to achieve the highest quality of care through continuous innovation, research and education. We will strive for our mission to provide a patient-centered, high-quality and safer care to improve the health of the community.

Yung Kang Veterans Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:“Taiwan Provincial Yung Kang Veterans Hospital.” At the inception of institution, it was left in Taiwan Provincial Department of Public Health's trust and then it was transferred to be subordinated to Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan, R.O.C in 1958. It's been almost forty six years from the institution of the hospital to the present. T

Taichung Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:To provide modern and quality health care and services, we have invested in our facilities and state-of-art equipments such as: Mammography, Fan Beam X-ray Bone Densitometry, Computerized Transverse Scanning, MRI, High Altitude Chamber System, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy and etc. With a team of specialists formed by the best doctors and clinical staff to support our tumor therapy center which consists of the latest radiation equipment such as IMRT, 3D conformal Radiation Therapy, Inverse Planning Computer System.

Longcyuan Hospital
  DESCRIPTION: VHLC, located in the southeast of Pingtung City and near TaiWuSun, has a land area of 11000 hectares. The construction of LongChuan Veterans Tuberculosis Hospital began on 1 July 1957 and rename to Veterans Hosptial of LongChuan in Taiwan on 1 September of the same year. On the 1 November 1966 VGH-KS was officially appointed as the Veterans General Hospital-LongChuan.

Armed Force Hsin Chu Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:General internal medicine, family medicine, neurology, gastrointestinal diseases, thoracic diseases, cardiology, endocrine diseases, infectious disease, and dermatology etc. professional treatment.

Nantou Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The hospital of Department of Health Nantou" contains hospital area hospital in Nantou and Chung Hsin hospital area, it in Year 44 of the Republic of China establish up to now, already more than 50 year.Although the in the interval once experienced to change name, change to belong to for many times and with medium the cheerful hospital combine hospital's etc. to change in succession of process, the hospital adhere to enthusiasm and principle of person in service Nantou,is a constant persistence.

Taoyuan Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Taoyuan Hospital hope to become a good hospital in Taoyuan that everybody trusts and is willing to put their lives in our hands. TYGH’s goal is to be an international medical center that provides high quality medical services. Currently there are 1,049 staffs, and every one of them is dedicated to realize our vision. Teamwork and cohesion are our priorities.

Chutung Veterans Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Regarding medical affairs, there are 18 specialties- Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopaedics, Family Medicine, Anesthesiology, Radiology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Ear Nose and Throat, Dentistry, Nursing, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation, Urology, Neurology, Pharmacy, etc with a total of 35 specialists, and they are involved with general public and special medical treatment and all types of medical insurance.

Chien Shin Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The founder of CHIEN SHIN HOSPITAL , Dr. Lin Shui - lai, the Director of the hospital, established Lin Shui-lai Obstetrics and years , Gynecology Hospital in 1956 in Kaoshiung City. ¡@In the past 40 it has helped numerous patients , winning high acclaim.

Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Yuli Tzu Chi General Hospital located beside No.9 Highway of Taiwan, is the first branch of Tzu Chi medicine missions. Heading north from south on the Yuli Bridge, you may see the new location of Yuli Tzu Chi General Hospital

Acne Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Almost everyone is familiar with acne and most have been affected by it a some point in their lives. Acne is a skin condition that usually appears during the teenage years but can affect people of all ages. Acne is commonly known as pimples and is usually seen on the face but can also appear on the upper torso i.e. the back, the shoulders, the neck and the chest.

Chien Ping Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Breast augmentation is simply an operation which inserts an external watery form beneath the chest muscle or chest glands. Breast implant can be inserted or positioned through several methods as per below: 1. around the nipple 2. At Adam’s button or 3. underneath the armpit.

Bairs Eye Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Bair, whose large clinic has been in operation for six years, works with a team of three other doctors and 24 opthalmologists, technicians and nurses to treat a steady stream of local and foreign patients. He says that the suitability of the patient and doctor's experience are most important for LASIK. Basically, anyone over 18 years of age without any significant increase in their vision prescription for the past year is a potential candidate. During the one-hour screening process, a refraction test measures the candidate's myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) or astigmatism. Other tests measure the width of the cornea skin and tear secreation, and look for glaucoma or any retina tears or detachment.

Dr. Wang & Wong's Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Dr. Wong who has a Ph.D in Nutrition and is a registered dietician with the American Dietetics Association. In addition to offering general family-practice medical services and nutritional counseling, these two and another full-time nutritionist give each patient custom-designed weight-loss program, following a medical check up and session with a dietician and nutritionist.

Naval Acadmey R.O.C
  DESCRIPTION:The infirmary is a basic medical service unit of national troops , based on the "the national troops medical service rule", grasps the idea of "cures first, serves first", carries out each medical service task, including outpatient service, emergency medical treatment, the prevention of disease and health care work, each physical examination task, the environmental sanitation, the medical support, the health education and the assignment paid by higher authority temporary etcetera. Under the instructions of all levels of senior officials, the whole personnel can completely accomplish the responsibility.

Eastside Chiropractic
  DESCRIPTION:Welcome to the Eastside Chiropractic Services website. We hope you find our site informative, interesting and educational. This site is another way the health care professionals and our staff reach out to teach and inform our current patients, prospective patients and the health conscious public.