Doctors South Korea

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Wooridul Spine Hospital

  DESCRIPTION:The medical staffs of Wooridul Spine Hospital have been maintaining a high quality of pride that one of the hightest quality hospital in the world, we have kept endeavored to innovate the researching and developing of spine. Moreover, Our medical crew has been trying to contribute to the development of disc treatment and new surgery technique under the slogan what is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Many people would agree that one of the most important elements of disc treatment is accuracy diagnosis. Therefore W.S.H prepared various high-tech examination equipments in order to achieve the most precision diagnosis.

Inje University's Paik Hospital

  DESCRIPTION:Inje University's Paik Hospital was opened by Dr. Inje Paik, a pioneer of Korea's surgical and academic world, in Jeo-Dong, Jung-Gu, Seoul in 1932. In 1946, through a donation of his estate, Dr. Inje Paik created the first non-profit organization of its kind in Korea and set up the corner stone of today's Inje University and Paik Hospitals.

Korea University Medical Center
  DESCRIPTION:Korea University Medical Center respects patients' rights and endeavors to realize patients' satisfaction. For the sake of this we proclaim that a patient, the subject of fighting a illness has the following set of rights

Konyang University Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:With the far-reaching vision of providing the most advanced medical care and the kindest patient service in the era of the West Coast, Konyang University Hospital opened in February 2002 in Daejon, the metropolitan city known as the virtual headquarter of national science and technology. Located at the geographical center of South Korea, it only takes 50 minutes by train(90 minutes by passenger car) to reach our hospital from Seoul.

CL Women's Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:As one of the leading centers of excellence for infertility treatment in Korea, we offer the highest standards of care and clinical expertise. We hope that you will find this web-site useful and trust that we may be able to help you with treatment in the future and that you will be successful.

Wonju Christian Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Wonju Christian Hospital is currently, also, the best hospital in central Korea with 850 beds and 29 clinical departments. Under the 29 departments, there are the Regional Emergency Center, Gastroenterohepatology Center, Maternity and Child Health Care Center, Cancer Center, Referral Center and a Day Surgery Center where surgery and discharge are possible within one day. There is also a Stem Cell Therapy Center, which focuses on developing medical technologies such as stem cell therapy needed to cure obstinate diseases, and on developing the technology of embryonic therapy.

Konkuk Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:In 2005 the new hospital was built in respond to the rapidly changing medical environment, and to provide a top-notch medical service. As a result, Konkuk University Hospital was reborn as an 870-bed establishment occupying total space of 83,000 square meters, with 13 floors above the ground and 4 floors underground. Alongside with our excellent building, we adopted fully digitalized chart system and cutting edged medical equipments. Our medical professionals and staffs all united to devote themselves to provide you the best quality medical services.

Chosun University Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The Chosun University Hospital which was born again with expansion of various facilities for medical and official services in order to make the hospital stick to the principle of "Patient First", now became the guard who most definitely takes the responsibility of keeping health for residents in the Honam region. As a university-affiliated hospital which locates at 588 Seoseog-dong, Dong-gu, Kwangju, the Chosun University Hospital was opened on April 15, 1971 with a scale of 19 medical departments and 200 beds in order to contribute to improving national health through medical service, education and research in the Honam region which had poor medical facilities.

Seoul National University Dental Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Seoul National University Dental Hospital has lead the development of Korea's dental care system through education, study, and treatment. It has took part in increasing people's oral health, treating patients, dental clinical education, study and development as a national dental medical facility for about 80 years since it started as Kyeongseong Dental Surgery department's attached dental clinic.


Seoul National University Boramae Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The hospital has 3 buildings with total area of 4,150 pyeong. The main building, 8 floors high with 2 basement levels, has outpatient, and hospitalization rooms, and department of medical treatment support. The extension building, 5 floors high with two basement levels, houses the Elderly Ward, General Health Diagnosis Center, and a Medical Treatment Support Center .

Seoul National University
  DESCRIPTION:Seoul National University Healthcare System is the health diagnosis center that Seoul National University Hospital, which has been the leading Korean medical community for the last century, newly establisted in Gangnam to deal with people's health problems.

Seoul National University Children's Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Seoul National University Children's Hospital was opened as the only national pediatric hospital in Korea which focusing on special treatment for children's diseases, such as pediatric surgery. It consists of a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and a Pediatric Emergency Room and aims to promote children's health in Korea, offering an international level of medical service with formulated education, study, and treatment, and to create a new turning point in internal medical development.

National Sorokdo Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The hospital operates 11 medical care departments, namely Internal treatment department, Surgical department, Dermatology department, Dental department, Ophthalmology department, Otolaryngology department, Urology department, Pain medicine department, Psychiatric department, Orthopedics department, Oriental medicine department and several medical care supporting divisions, namely Pharmaceutical department, Nursing department, Radiology Section, Clinical pathology section, Physical therapy section, Orthosis manufacturing section for proper care. The hospital is also operating local medical centers in each village with permanent arrangement of nursing staffs to support principal medication or to treat leprous ulcer.

MizMedi Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Our mission is to deliver the highest quality care to our patients by providing innovative, high quality service we achieve this by asking, listening, learning and satisfying the needs, wants and values of our patients.

Chungnam National University Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Chungnam National University Hospital brings together the best internationally experienced doctors and consultants, skilled clinical specialists and specially trained nurses supported by a comprehensive range of leading-edge medical equipment.

Siloam Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The need for proper medical care is great in these underdeveloped countries and we hope you will support us as the Siloam Eye Hospital will continually send medical missions team.

Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Seoul Rehabilitation Hospital comprehensive rehabilitation team is composed of dedicated and skilled doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychological therapists, music therapists, nurses and social workers. Our team is innovating strategic and practical treatments as follows; snozelen therapy, sensory integration therapy, aquatic therapy, music therapy, art therapy, gardening therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation recreational rehabilitation and socially integrated out door activities. We open specialized clinic(stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, movement disorder, autistic disorder, delayed development, pain, rheumatology, osteoporosis, spasticity, foot, malalignment and orthosis) and have facilities for test(radiologic study, laboratory, electromyography, urodynamic study, videofluoroscopic study, ultrasonography, bone densitometry and digital infrared thermal imaging).

Kirin Oriental Hospital
  DESCRIPTION: Kirin Oriental Hospital has processed the treatment course and the results as data by introducing the high-priced newest test machine, CT machine to prove the excellence of Oriental Medicine scientifically. It is because that not only it can hush up the abuse of indiscreet people who argue that the oriental medicine treatment is unscientific., but also it can give the in-depth excellence and reliability of oriental medicine treatment to patients more.

Special Dental Care Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Special Dental Clinic is to bring quality dental care at reasonable prices. We offer a complete line of services and facilities to cater to your most demanding dental needs, and our team of dental professionals is committed to giving you the best treatment possible in the warmest and most comfortable setting

Beauty Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Beauty Clinic provide a great care for their patients skins and make your face more beautiful.

Iaan Cosemtic Plastic Surgery Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Specializing in blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), rhinoplasty, face lifts, liposuction, fat transfer, breast augmentation, the IAAN Clinic¢â is a private, state-of-the-art cosmetic plastic surgery facility located in the heart of Daejeon in South Korea.

Dr. Jou's Clinic For Hypertension
  DESCRIPTION:As a holistic medicine clinic directed by Dr. Hogun Jou, a dedicated oriental medicine practitioner, Dr. Jou's clinic receive international patients as well as foreigners living in Korea. Dr. Jou, specialized in oriental medicine for more than 20 years in South Korea, has cured hundreds of patients with high blood

Biman Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Under local anesthesia, cut skin in size of 5mm, and insert fat sucking pipe, and suck in fat, while destroying subcutaneous fat. With the new lipomatic fat sucking device, it's safer, and removes fat effectively

Nara Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Nara Stress Clinic not only treats a simple stress but also provides the personal constitutional treatment by classifying the origin of disease and stress through the Oriental Medical Diagnosis. Nara Esthetics has u to u programs, acne treatment and Asian Medical Skin Care Program. Health also can be determined by looking at the conditions of skin. At Nara Esthetics, abdominal physical conditions can be told by looking at location of facial problem areas like wrinkles, dark marks and acne on the face. There fore when you are treated based on those results, you will get your beautiful skin and healthy body at the same time.

Oz Cosmetic Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:We believe that the best patient is an educated patient. This means a commitment to answering patients' questions and ensuring they understand their options. We want them to make the best possible decision regarding their appearance, health, and quality of life.