Doctors Lithuania

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Kalipeda Hospital

&160 DESCRIPTION: Providing patients with health care services which are based on science and advanced technologies, safe, qualitative, corresponding with patient’s needs and interests and exceeding their expectations by using all existing means, considering all the requirements of the founder and customer and ensuring patient confidentiality, humane respect and dignity. Performance of scientific researches and pedagogical work, active participation in public and individual health improvement and learning, taking all the responsibility for people - the consumers of the hospital services.

Rokiskis Psychiatric

&160 DESCRIPTION:Psychiatry is a branch of medicine which exists to study, prevent, and treat mental disorders in humans.[1][2][3] The art and science of the clinical application of psychiatry has been considered a bridge between the social world and those who are mentally ill.[

Med General Private Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION: Adult and Children's Health Care Physicals and Health Checks to International Standards- specially tailored for Executives, Embassies. Organizations, Families and Individual Men's and Women's Health Care, Cancer and Heart Diseae Screening Needs Specialists include General and Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Immunizations, Gynecology, Ear, Nose and Throat, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Acupuncture and others as needed All Laboratory Blood and Specimen Testing, Electro-Cardiograms, Ultrasounds, CAT Scans, MRI, Doppler, Endoscopy and Laporoscopy arranged

Gidenta Dental Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:Doctor uses Intra–oral Camera to show magnified oral images on the computer monitor. He points out defected areas, explains recommended treatment, saves digital images in patient's computerized medical records or prints them in color.

BMP Private Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:Patient safety, professionalism of the specialists, sincerity of the staff, willingness to help – all this is our credo.

Skin Dieases & Cosmetic Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:General Medicine Practice Clinic („Bendrosios medicinos Praktikos“ klinika) was established in 1994. It is the oldest and one of the biggest private health centres in Lithuania. Modern diagnostics and treatment methods, saved time, pleasant service – you will find all of this when you arrive to our clinic. Most patients are given not only examination and treatment services, but also consultations on various questions. We have become health “solicitors” or our patients. We came to the market of health services 13 years ago and for a long time. Therefore, the basis of our activities is sincere and long-term cooperation rather than “money snap”. It can be said bravely that we have deserved our place in the sun by long-term and open-hearted work. Flows of patients have been constantly growing, the number of persons registered with the Family Clinic is increasing rapidly

Clinic of Vascular and General Surgery
&160 DESCRIPTION:he Clinic of General Surgery was founded in 1990. Exactly at the same time in Vilnius City near the river Neris in Lazdynai there was founded the new Vilnius University Emergency Hospital. In 3 September 1990 according to the order of Vilnius University Rector the previous Surgery Department of Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine was divided into the three new clinics: bullet Clinic of Traumatology- Orthopedics; bullet Clinic of Surgical diseases; bullet Clinic of General Surgery.

Eye Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:CATARACT SURGERY, STRABISMUS SURGERY, EYELID SURGERY / BLEPHAROPLASTY, INTRAOCULAR EYE CORRECTION SURGERY, VISION CORRECTION BY EXCIMER LASER, ORTHOKERATOLOGY Highly qualified ophthalmologists, micro-surgeons, anaesthesiologists-intensive care practitioners, experienced medical and administrative staff work here in the clinic.

Vitkus Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:At VitkusClinic operations are performed by one of the best European reconstructive plastic surgery specialists, microsurgeon Kastutis Vitkus. VitkusClinic patients, resolved to undergo a plastic operation, can be sure about exclusive service they will get.


Kamaruskas Urology & Andrology Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:Kamaruskas Urology & Andrology Clinic preventing yourself through Urological problemss

Silainai Out Patient Klinikas
&160 DESCRIPTION:he Outpatient Clinic organizes its works so that patients are examined and consulted within the institution, not being sent to other institution for additional tests, but directed to tertiary level hospitals only for complex examinations, consultations or in-patient treatment. Physicians specialists – consultants have a possibility to examine patients with modern diagnostic X-ray, ultrasonic and endoscopic devices, digital X-ray scanning equipment, computerized cardiologic, respiratory function examination equipment, an audiometer, and modern eyesight testing equipment as well as computer-aided perimetry, tonometry, autorefractometry apparatuses and other devices.

Dental Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:Dental clinic abroad is in the most beautiful place in the old part of Kaunas. Our aim is to provide our patients with a high level of professionalism and with a super quality of service. We believe that our clinic offers you top-class treatment at very reasonable prices.

&160 DESCRIPTION:Clinic of Orthodontics was established in 1996 by the odder of the Rector of Kaunas University of Medicine. The mission of the Clinic of Orthodontics is to provide education in the field of Orthodontics, and to be a leading educational, research and patient care centre.

Clinic Of Cardiac Ssurgery
&160 DESCRIPTION:Kaunas University of Medicine Heart Center Clinic of Cardiac surgery was founded in 1991. Before it existed as a part of Surgery Department No. 1 (previously – department of hospital surgery). Three cardiac surgical subdepartments were unified connected in 1993 : dept. Cardiac Surgery, dept. Surgery of Ischaemic Heart Disease and dept. of Pacemakers. Head of the department until present days professor Rimantas Benetis.

Vilniaus Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:General practice dentists refer patients to us for consultations and treatment of complex cases regularly because they feel confident that their patients are treated with safe hands. Vilnius Implantology Center is situated very near to the centre of Vilnius, in a geographically convenient place. It is easy to reach by public and private transport.

Detal Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:The new procedure is called CEREC, which uses the most advanced computer technology available in dentistry today. Now, old worn and leaking mercury-silver fillings can be replaced in only one visit with natural looking, long-lasting ceramic restorations. For the first time in dental history, in only one visit, teeth can be virtually "re-enameled" to a state of near perfect condition. After CEREC dental restorations are placed, studies show that teeth are actually strengthened to their near original condition.

Dr. Mackvikai Dental Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:A team consists of 8 high-qualifyed doctors: therapists, orthopeadists, orthodontists, dental surgeons, Pediatric odontologist and dental hygienist. So we insure, that you will find any help you need in one place.

About Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:The staff of the Clinic is highly qualified starting from toxicologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, anaesthetists-resuscitators, social workers, psychologists and ending by nurses working at the Clinic. We are proud to have among us such professionals as Dr. med. T.V. Kajokas, physicians R. Badaras and T. Jovaiša, social worker M. Karpuška well known in Lithuania and recognised abroad.

Vilnius Toxicology Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:Specialists consulting at Vilnius Toxicology Clinic have many years of experience. If you have any suspicions on alcohol or drug addiction by your close people or if you or your close people feel you are addicted, please visit us for consultation. Assistance is offered not only to these addicted to narcotic substances but to their close people as well.

Asthetic Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:At the "Aesthetic Dentistry Clinic", our highly qualified specialists use the latest methods to restore teeth that are damaged by decay, discoloured, worn out or out of alignment.

GP Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:Surgeon G. Papeakys started his private medical practice in 1988. In 1981 he was a first-class graduate from the Medical Care Department at Kaunas University of Medicine. G. Papeakys was working in the Surgery Clinics of one of the largest institutions of medical care in Lithuania – Kaunas Academical Clinics – for thirteen years. During his medical practice at Kaunas Academical Clinics G. Pape?kys was also giving consultations and working as a surgeon in “ Kaunas Medical Center ”, the first private clinics in Kaunas .

Union Clinic
&160 DESCRIPTION:Prostatito, uretrito, cistito ir kita infekcinia uždegiminia liga, taip pat ir plintanaia lytiškai diagnostika ir gydymas , Prostatos adenomos diagnostika ir gydymas , Ankstyvoji prostatos važio diagnostika , Epididimita, epididimorchita, funikulita, fimozas, varikocelas, balanopostito diagnostika ir gydymas

Dental Clinic For Cosemtic
&160 DESCRIPTION:The world is in a period of tremendous change. Our lives are being altered in ways that, up to now, we never thought possible. It is no different in dentistry. A revolution is taking place unlike any we have ever seen before. We know that now - in this remarkable era in which we live - millions of teeth that would have been extensively repaired can be left in their natural healthy state.