Doctors Turkey

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Dunya Eye Hospital

  DESCRIPTION:Established in 1996 in Levent, Istanbul and bringing solutions to all kinds of problems related to the eye 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, Dünya Eye Hospital has taken its place among a number of centers in the world with the high-principled health service it provides, state-of-the-art technology that is being continuously renewed, its experienced medical staff consisting of Professors, Assistant Professors and Specialists, its staff exceeding 1000 employees and its contemporary understanding of management.

Caria Hospital

  DESCRIPTION:Private Caria Hospital is a modern, friendly private hospital situated in a convenient, easily accessible area of Marmaris providing medical care around the clock. Headed by Op Dr Mustafa Mutlucan, the hospital has 30 beds (4 of which are intensive care) and is able to cater for any medical or surgical emergency however major or minor, as well as having 6 out-patient clinics to deal with the day to day flow of patients.

American Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:In addition to emphasising excellence in health care services, the VKF American Hospital also utilizes programs to meet the needs of patients and their families, through its Quality Assurance Control Programs and Patient's Relations Services.

MESA Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:As a hospital we have adopted trust, respect and patient satisfaction as our basic principle in healthcare. With our institutional identity we aim to become a model health institution in the international level.Without compromising on ethical values, MESA Hospital is a health institution committed to respecting their patients and provides the highest quality healthcare and service to all their patients.

Mevcut Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Mevcut saglgk sorunlarg veya olabilecek saglgk ihtiyaçlargngn kargglanmasg için, kuruluglargmgza bagvuruda bulunan hastalargn beklentilerinin, ilk bagvurusunda oldugu gibi her defasgnda ve zamangnda diger saglgk kuruluglargna örnek olabilecek bir düzeyde kargglanmasg Bagkent Üniversitesi Hastanesi Kalite Politikasgdgr.

Ibn-i-Sina Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The main focus is the treatment and care of patients with a wide range of eye problems from common complaints like cataracts to rare conditions which need treatments with special care and expertise.

Health Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:To understand scars, you need to understand acne. Acne refers to lesions or pimples caused when the hair follicles (or "pores") on the skin become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. A plugged follicle is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and create the red bumps and pus-filled red bumps known as pimples. (The usual bacteria that causes acne is called Propionibacterium acnes.) Hormonal changes during the teen years often cause increased oil production that contributes to the problem.

Anadolu Medical Center
  DESCRIPTION:The Oncology Unit is designed to serve with "Hospital in Hospital" concept. To serve the needs of the local and foreign cancer disease patients, under the same roof, there is a separate enterance independent of the main circulation of the hospital. If desired, cancer disease patients can use this separate entry to receive treatment in a private environment.

International Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Is to provide the best medical care, with the highest International quality standards, and ethical norms; using the best health care resources for serving the well being of our patients, and to fulfill their expectations, with the aim of sending them back home healthy, satisfied and happy.


Marmara University Hospital Fetal-Maternal
  DESCRIPTION:Fetal - Maternal Medicine Unit was founded on the 8 October,2001 in Marmara University School of Medicine Hospital which is the only university hospital on the anatolian side of Istanbul. In Fetal - MaternalMedicine Unit, all pregnant women undergoes the 11 - 14 weeks scan for chromosomal abnormalities in asssociation with King's College Hospital, London and amniocenthesis is performed to those who havea high risk. Detailed anomaly scan with ultrasound and doppler studies are performed during the 20 - 24 weeks of gestation. For this test our unit is one of the certified units world-wide and this test is being performed by a professor who is certified from King's College Hospital / Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic.

Dagon Health Care Group
  DESCRIPTION:With our expanding expert doctor and qualified personnel staff, 51 bed capacity, 5 operating rooms, sea and forest-view VIP rooms and private rooms, polyclinic facilities, surgical intensive care unit, internal-coronary intensive care unit, our modern Dialysis Center with its 24 bed and 150 person capacity, a Cardiology, Heart and Vascular Center, a Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, an Internal Medicine Center, the Dogan Scanning Center with its advanced scanning facilities, an Eye Center and a Womengs Health and Birth Center, we strive to offer our patients the very best possible healthcare.

Alanya Can Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Visiting hours at intensive care units are between 14:00-16:00. We kindly request our visitors to keep their visiting period to about15 minutes throughout the treatment period in intensive care units. You can obtain information about the patient from the attending nurse or physician.

Sema Hospital

Ken Hospital
  DESCRIPTION: Ege Bölgesinde yataklg saglgk hizmetlerinin uluslararasg standartlargn çok altgnda kaldgggng ve bu hizmetlere olan talebin her geçen gün arttgging gören ortaklargmgz tarafgndan 1999 yglgnda kurulan Özel Kent Saglgk Hizmetleri ve Malzemeleri A.g.

Avcilar Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Dermatoloji poliklinigimizde; yaglanma, sivilcelenme, alerji, enfeksiyon, iyi ve kötü huylu benler,cilt yangklargndan tümörlerine kadar her türlü cilt hastaliggnin tang ve tedavisi gerçeklegtirilmektedir. Çaggmgzgn hastalggg alerjilerde Prick test-patch test ile hastalgga sebep olan etken bulunmakta, izolasyon ve agglama ile tedavi saglamaktadgr. Bazg cilt hastalgklargnda kriyoterapi(dondurarak soyma) ve koterizasyon(yakma) iglemi ile tedavi saglangr.

Day Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:A group of patients are admitted to our inpatient clinic as daytime patients and they are treated in the inpatient clinic except nighttime and weekends.

Memorial Health Group
  DESCRIPTION:Improving the quality of patient care, ensuring patient safety, reducing risks (both for the patients and employees), permanence of the studies are apparent engagements of our institution.

Hattat Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Founded in 1997 by Prof. Dr. Nege Hattat and Prof. Dr. Halim Hattat, Hattat Hospital is the result of many years of work and aims to fill the gap in Turkey in the area of andrology. Andrology is the study of male impotency, andropose and sexual disorders. Hattat Hospital has been developed for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular, hormonal, neurological, and psychological problems using the latest technology and a calm, discreet and modern atmosphere where the patients and their partners can discuss their problems with experts in their fields. The in vitro fertilization unit has been created in order to offer solutions to couples with such problems. Founded in May 1997, Hattat Hospital has the following units with the necessary experts and the latest technology equipment:

Centeral Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Established in 1994 , Kozyatagg Central Hospital is situated in Kozyatagg, ISTANBUL. With 50 in-patient capacity, 4 operating theaters, Kozyatagg Central Hospital positioned in populated area of Istanbul.Our aim is to increase the quality of service offered to patients applying to Kozyatagg Central Hospital.

Kent Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The prosthetic, conservative, endodontic and surgery treatments of the patients with the mouth and dentistry problems resting at or applying to Kent Hospital are performed by the dentistry polyclinic. Oral examination is an indispensable part of the health controls as many systematic diseases can be diagnosed at an early stage with the primary mouth findings. Advanced display technology (ortopantomography, RVG, mouth camera) form the greatest supportive feature in flawless planning.

Botox Clinic
  DESCRIPTION: By presenting this site to you I tried to show you the plastic surgery world and plastic surgeons’ point of view. The one who is performing his own profession knows his profession’s needs and reflects it to his job. Everything could seem different by those who are out of this topic but people work in the same type of job talks in different language even if it is not a secret.

Pluss Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:“HAIR MEZOTHERAPY” special to our clinic. Our difference is 100 % guarantee combined with Hair Analysis System.The secret of healthy hair is of course well care.

Gulluk Clinic
  DESCRIPTION:Güllük dental clinic contains all branchs of dentistry such as tooth and gum diseases and therapy, oral surgery and implantology, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and prosthodontics.

Avrasya Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Temelden hastane olarak projelendirilip, insa edilen ve bu özelligiyle sayglg özel hastaneler arasgnda yer alan Avrasya Hospital 1999 yglgnda gstanbul'un Zeytinburnu ilçesinde hizmete girdi. 8000 m²'lik kapalg alandan olugan Avrasya Hospital; 100 yatak kapasitesi, 5 adet üstün teknolojik donangmlg ameliyathanesi, 3 dogumhanesi, 3 yogun bakgm ünitesi (Cerrahi Yogun Bakgm, Koroner Yogun Bakgm ve Yenidogan Yogun Bakgm), Onkoloji Merkezi ve tüm branglarda uzman kadrosu ile 7 gün 24 saat hizmet vermektedir.

Konya Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Konya Hospital, 1 Nisan 2002 yglgnda bir grup saglgk öncüsü yürek tarafgndan, hayata geçirilen Aktif Saglgk A.g’nin gururla ve kararlglgkla olugturdugu, çagdag saglgk anlaygggngn yeni yüzü, geligimci ruhudur. 5 ygllgk geçmiginde samimiyeti, profesyonelligi, her durumda en iyiyi insangna sunmayg görev bilen Konya Hospital, bugün ziyaretçisinden hastasgna, yöneticisinden çalggangna kadar, kendi çatgsg altgnda yer alan her bireye hak ettigi degeri sunabilmenin haklg gururunu yagamaktadgr.

Avicenna Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:The hospital places great emphasis on quality care, providing comfortable, and infection free environment and a range of clinical services which are tailored to meet the needs of individual patients. The hospital has a Chief Executive and highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Delta Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:SGK ile yapilan sözlesme sonucunda daha önce sadece SSK (devredilen) ve Emekli Sandgg (devredilen) mensuplargngn hizmet alabildigi Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon ünitemizden artgk Bag-Kur (devredilen) mensuplarg da muayene ve fizik tedavi seanslarg için hizmet alabilmektedir.

Academic Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Uluslararasi üne sahip birçok bilim adamimizi "halkimizla buluituran kurum" olma özelliii tasiyan Academic Hospital'da tani ve tedavi hizmetlerine katilan hekimler diiinda, 180 yardimci sailik personeli görev yapiyor. Bu genii sailik ekibinin çaliimalari yüzün üzerinde idari ve teknik personel ile destekleniyor.

Caginar Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Çocuk servisi ünitemizde 0-16 yas grubundaki çocuk ve gençlerin, dogumdan itibaren tüm bebeklik ve çocukluk dönemi hastalgklarg, pediatrisler ve pediatrinin alt dallargnda uzmanlagmgg doktorlar tarafgndan teghis ve tedavi edilmektedir.

Ankara Güven Hospital
  DESCRIPTION:Ankara Güven Hospital is one of the first private hospitals founded in Ankara in 1974, by KÜÇÜKEL family out of the consideration felt for human life.A developmental criterion for a society ,healt service is offered by Güven Hospital by pursuing the latest improvements and innovations around the world and offering them to all the sections of the society. Ankara Güven Hospital,founded 30 years ago,is one of the leading institutions of the Turkish health sector with its specialized staff, coordinated as per the quality and hygiene standards of Joint Commission International (JCI)