Universities North Korea

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Seoul National University (SNU) is a national research university in Seoul, South Korea. Founded in August 1946, the university is the first national university of South Korea. SNU has been recognized for its leading role in South Korean academia and served as a model for the many other national and public universities established later in this country.

As the oldest private university in Korea, Yonsei University was first established in 1885 by Christian missionaries. Our mission is to educate leaders who will contribute to humanity in the spirit of truth and freedom. The 300,000 alumni of Yonsei who take this calling to heart can be found manifesting this proud spirit from leadership positions around the world.

Korea University embraces the challenges of the 21st Century by building new bridges across old boundaries. These bridges include new educational programs that stress multiple majors and interdisciplinary studies; strategic partnerships with private and public R&D centers that pool resources and promote innovative research; and new international relationships that bring Korea University students together with students, faculty and programs of other leading universities around the world. Aggressive investments in new research facilities, information systems and infrastructure give these bridges the strength and flexibility to extend far into the next century.

Sungkyunkwan is synonymous with both tradition and innovation in education. The literal meaning of the University's name is 'an institution for building a harmonious society' of perfected human beings. The founding philosophy of Old Sungkyunkwan is needed as much as ever today, in an era of technological advancement that seems devoid of humanity. The University's faculty of more than 1,000 are committed to quality teaching and research, offering students a challenging environment for intellectual and personal growth.

Pusan National University has developed as a globally prestigious school by introducing many innovations aimed at cultivating students of talent suited to this age of globalization. The campus belt connecting Busan, Yangsan, and Miryang is expected to maximize the synergy effect and contribute to the development of the local community, not to mention the development of education and research. The first campus in Busan will spearhead research activities as a research-centered university, the second campus in Yangsan will be developed as a global center of medicine, and the third campus in Miryang will be specialized in the field of nano and bio technologies. Thus, the university is doing its utmost to further strengthen its competitiveness.

Kangwon National University is one of ten core national universities located in Chuncheon, the capital of G(K)angwon Province in Korea. Korea has a juridical system with eight provinces and two metropolitan cities, each of which has one of those core national universities. 1947 Established Chuncheon Provincial Agricultural College (of G(K)angwon Province) -1952 Changed the College name to Chuncheon Agricultural College.

“Love in Truth and in Deed” is the founding principle and the educational philosophy of Hanyang University. It has been a driving force for cultivating Hanyangians equipped with the virtues of diligence, honesty, modesty and devotion.

Sogang University was established by the Society of Jesus to provide an education based on Catholic belief and inspired by the Jesuit educational philosophy, in conformity with the Korean tradition of education. Sogang University's goal is to educate the whole human person on foundations of love and faith, encouraging all its members to be intent on the pursuit of learning in a sincere quest for truth, resolved to practice justice and respect the human dignity and worth of every person.

Kyungpook National University (KNU) has worked to build a learning environment that encourages enterprise, innovation, discovery, and creativity, resulting in a dynamic modern university with an international reputation for providing high quality education. Based on a diverse and exciting range of degree programs designed to offer students an effective combination of academic study and practical experience, KNU is training future global leaders who are ready for life, and who retain a desire for constant learning


Chung-Ang University, established in 1918, has overcome the nation¡¯s adversities and has taken on a leadership role cultivate the intellectuals of Korea with the educational ideal of Die in honor, Live for Truth. The university now has a duty to keep our nation growing by developing technology and promoting new ideas, to use these technologies and ideas in keeping our nation environmentally clean, and to developing more cooperation with each other for world peace.

Our mission - education, research, and service - is a worthwhile one, and all members of this learning community are fully committed to its fulfillment. CNU will strive constantly to become a leading "world university" in pursuit of truth and creativity, and move beyond its more limited past image of being a very active defender of democracy. We will continue to enhance the quality of educational programs to prepare our students for leadership at the world level. I firmly believe that helping students to reach their full potential is the shortest path to attaining globalization in the true sense of the word.

Sookmyung’s leadership vision is fulfilled through world-class research and education under the developmental strategy of “Specialization, Globalization and Integration.” With its vision to become “the World’s Premier Leadership University,” Sookmyung aims at nurturing 10% of Korean leaders by 2020 through its continued leadership education and research activities.

In a century marked by two world wars, global ideological conflict, and the omnipresent specter of nuclear destruction, the United Nations has been a beacon of hope in a sea of distress. Kyung Hee University recognizes the United Nations' role in its effort to obtain universal peace and understanding. In this vein, the university seeks to emulate those ideals in its educational system. The university's emblem is thus modeled after that of the United Nations, and its school song, which praises peace and liberty, resonates with its commitment to those ideals. The university pursues the United Nations' ideals through its commitment to creativity, progress, and cooperation, thereby hoping to promote the role of intellectuals and academics in world affairs.

Welcome to Gyeongsang National University! I hope your online visit to our school will be a chance for you to learn about and begin to develop affection for our school. I also hope the information and knowledge you acquire from our school site will be assets for laying the foundation of your future prosperity. The mission of Gyeongsang National University (GNU) is one of Pioneering. The eyes of pioneers see far beyond the present to the future. The hands of pioneers change barren lands to fertile lands. The hearts of pioneers are caring of their people. GNU founded in 1948, and for 60 years it has been educating talented students who have served society and led us to national prosperity.

Starting as Ajou Engineering Junior College, Ajou College recruited 280 students during its first year from four departments, including Electronics, Precision Mechanical Engineering, Fermentation Chemical Engineering, and Industrial Management. The school was promoted to Ajou Engineering College a year later and produced its first graduates in 1997.

Chungbuk University has a definite vision and a well-founded special strategy. This strategy is divided into 4 specialized fields : BT, IT, NT, and th high-tech fields of agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, aligned with Osong Bio-health Technopolis and Ochang Science Industrial Park. It is a plan for becoming a leading university in the central districts, and strengthening its competitive power in the world.

Konkuk University, with a 60-year history and tradition, is one of the country's renowned private universities. Since its founding in 1980, our Chungju campus has enjoyed the most rapid development in the areas of academic affairs and campus facilities, taking full advantage of its vantage geographical location right in the country's center. Staffed with excellent faculty members and equipped with premium educational facilities, our university has produced graduates who ha ve emerged as leaders in their respective fields. s

Chungnam National University, with its proud history of 56 years and its motto, “Creativity, Development, and Service to the community,” is one of the most prestigious centers of higher education in the nation. In recent years, CNU has been making giant leaps in each and every academic field in order to join the ranks of the 100 most outstanding universities in the world.

Since its foundation, Yeungnam University has enhanced a reputation as a prestigious university, with 150,000 graduates who are influential leaders domestically and internationally.

Hallym University provides genuine education required for global citizen of the 21st century. It runs a curriculum designed to equip students with professional knowledge and skills required in the field as well as basic knowledge. It has a goal of fostering future leaders and talented human resources who will lead society. Both traditional, historic and cultural legacies and practical sciences of modern knowledge-based society exist in harmony at Hallym. Hallym plays a leading role of helping Korean universities meet the global trend. Hallym University will develop as a small but competitive global university. Hallym will become a university that makes further contribution to local development. We ask for your support in achieving these goals. s

This states in dedicated in memory of Asan, the late Chung Ju-Yung, for his life-time contribution to the betterment of education, economic development and social welfare of Korea. He was a man of extraordinary vision. He had a strong sense of social responsibility as well as a commitment to the future. We join the citizens of Ulsan in commemorating his accomplishments. Students, alumni, faculty and staff of the University of Ulsan. March 21, 2003.

KUMOH NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY helped this country's leap to a high-tech society. KUMOH NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY made possible this country's advancement to the highly industrialized stage through the consistent supply of manpower necessary for specialized technologies since its birth of 1980.

"Chosun," the very word that has shared joys and sorrows with our people from the dawn of history, means “the sun-rising morning,” a symbol of the progressive spirit of our nation. The members of the Founders’ Association chose it as the name of the institution because it best conveys the members’ wishes to bring up elites who could be the warp and woof of national prosperity and world peace.

Welcome to Kwangwoon University! Today, the world is going through an IT revolution as a new paradigm after the Industrial Revolution. IT has become not only the means of communication but also a culture that impacts our minds and emotions. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for our country to have the ability to create new knowledge base and cultures to continue its growth toward becoming a full-fledged advanced country.

Dong-A University has built a reputation as a prestigious private Korean university with a 60-year history and tradition since its founding in 1946. More than 150 thousand graduates have played a pivotal role in the nation's political, economic, legal, journalistic, cultural, and sport circles, while continuing to support Dong-A in the spirit of true and loyal alumni

We are very pleased about your visiting Kongju National University(KNU) in new administrative capital in Korea. The predecessor of KNU commenced as Provincial Teacher's College in 1948, and then it has grown remarkably and quickly since elevating to University in 1991. It now consists of three specialized campuses, six colleges and seven graduate schools. We are doing our best to be a qualitatively distinguished university to lead the 21C's society based on knowledge.

Hannam University aims to contribute to the church and the nation by producing well-rounded intellectuals with high moral values. The University offers opportunities to acquire insight and knowledge through the Christian spirit of truth, freedom and service.

Hello. You are visiting PKNU online, which is one of the 10 large-scale national universities located in Busan, Korea's largest port city. All of our 26,000 students and 1,000 school personnel are straining to foster the growth of our university on two campuses, Daeyeon and Yongdang.

In 1911, Korea was suffering under the Japanese colonial regime. The founder of Dankook University, Mr Hyoung Chang (later Sir Beomjeong) quit his studies as a 20 year old, moved to Manchuria and joined the Korean independence movement in exile. For the next 34 years, he braved many dangers in his fight for independence and worked closely with Mr Ku Kim, one of the leading figures in the Korean provisional government.

The Catholic University of Korea is a proud institution of higher learning with student-centered programs and facilities which receive high marks for their standard of excellence by recognized accreditation organizations. The university turns out graduates with the capability and the character needed to make important contributions to their communities and to the nation

Keimyung University was founded in 1954 to provide Christian higher education for the southern part of Korea. Its immediate task was to nurture young minds for the reconstruction of a war-torn country.

Kyungnam University (hereafter KU) takes pride in our 60-year-long history and tradition upon which we have produced the greatest minds of youth. As we continue to launch a new tradition, KU not only touches the lives of people in the community, but also make the community, the nation, and the world more vital and modern in thousands of ways.

The 21st century in which we are placed has ushered in a society based on globalization and knowledge information, and it demands a new paradigm of education. To cope with the changes that the 21st century demands, ANDONG NATIONAL UNIVERSITY will take its place as a cradle to educate globalized human resources by reinforcing capabilities of globalization, research and education and also by setting up studentcentered strategies of education.

Based on the fundamental concepts of education and the spirit of Christianity, our students shall study and be taught profound theories and application methods. The result will promote the nation’s development through cooperation among industrial and academic sectors, a supply of manpower equipped with creativity through offering quality education, and a contribution towards the development of the human race.

During the past half century, Myong Ji University has striven to live up to its well earned reputation as one of the leading private institutions of higher learning in Korea. Academic excellence has always been, and will continue to be, the hallmark of the learning experience here at Myong Ji. We also endeavor to imbue our students with the noble Christian values codified in our Founding Spirit.

As a unique university of teacher education, KNUE collectively prepares kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school teachers. It also provides continuous teacher education and conducts comprehensive educational research for which it has established a well-deserved reputation. In addition, with its concentration on education, it is a revolutionary university.

We are currently developing our status for the ‘era of Korean west coast.’ We have established a global network of partnership with more than 45 universities all over the world and have introduced a high speed on-campus net work for information access within our campus as well as to the outside world. We also have established a powerful regional think tank through our close relationships with local industry.

Woosuk University endeavors to nurture men and women of skill and ability in order to meet the needs of a changing world.Woosuk University trains skilled men and women who are capable of contributing to the local society, the nation and to the world and who possess a global awareness. It is to achieve this goal that Woosuk University continues to change and develop itself further.