Universities Algeria

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Centre Universitaire de Jijel  
Welcome to the University of JIJEL! Le nouveau portail de l'Université de JIJEL. The new portal at the University of JIJEL. Ce site se veut une vitrine de tout ce qu'il se passe à l'université de JIJEL, dans tous les domaines; organisationnel, pédagogique et surtout en recherche scientifique. This site is a showcase for everything that is happening at the University of JIJEL in all fields; organizational, pedagogical and especially in scientific research. Nous continuerons à mettre sur site, les pages Web des laboratoires de recherche, que nous comptons développer au fur et à mesure que les directeurs de ces laboratoires nous ramènent les infos nécessaires pour accomplir cette tâche. We will continue to bring on-site, web pages of research laboratories, which we expect to expand as the directors of these laboratories us back the information needed to accomplish this task.

Centre Universitaire de Tiaret  
Ibn Khaldun, The University of Tiaret provides two types of training graduation, namely: Education in short cycle: the purpose of which is obtaining the Diploma in Applied Studies University (DEUA BAC) (3). La formation en cycle long :dont la finalité est l'obtention du diplôme d'Ingénieur (BAC+5), du diplôme de docteur Vétérinaire(BAC+5), d'une licence(BAC+4) et du diplôme d'étude supérieur ( DES+4). The long training cycle: whose ultimate goal is graduation Engineer (BAC +5), the degree of Doctor Veterinary (BAC +5), a license (BAC +4) and diploma study higher (OF 4). Le centre universitaire de Tiaret est un établissement à vocation d'enseignement supérieur et de recherche universitaire, fondé en 1980. The University Centre of Tiaret is a purpose of higher education and research university, founded in 1980. Dans le cadre de la carte universitaire, cet établissement fut érigé en 1984 en deux instituts nationaux d'enseignement supérieur (INES): L'INES en agronomie / vétérinaire et l'INES Génie Civil. As part of the university card, this facility was built in 1984 in two national institutes of higher education (INES): The INES in agronomy / veterinarian and the INES Civil Engineering. L'établissement redevient centre universitaire en 1992 . The property becomes academic centre in 1992. Alors que le nombre de filières dispensées n'était que de trois en 1980, le centre universitaire de Tiaret compte actuellement pas moins de 22 filières dans de différentes spécialités .De même le nombre d'étudiants a connu une forte progression : de170 en 1980, il est passé à prés de 8000 à la rentrée 2000/2001. While the number of channels offered was only three in 1980 22. 1980, it rose to nearly 8000 in the 2000/2001 school year. En 2002 le centre universitaire est devenu une université ( UNIVERSITE IBN KHALDOUN) In 2002 the university became a university (UNIVERSITY Ibn Khaldun).

Université Abou Bekr Belkaid, Tlemcen  
Since August 31, 2005, the University of Tlemcen collaborating with the American University of East Carolina (ECU) in a project of E-learning in intercultural communications. Grâce à un système de visioconférence visioconférence établi, entre nos deux universités, 14 étudiants algériens et 14 étudiants américains suivent des cours dispensés à Tlemcen et à l'université de Caroline, participent à des discussions On-line et enrichissent ainsi leurs connaissances mutuelles. Through a video conferencing system established between our two universities, 14 Algerian students and 14 American students attend classes taught in Tlemcen and at the University of Carolina, participate in on-line discussions and thus enrich each other's knowledge. Ces sessions ont lieu deux fois par semaine et dureront jusqu'à fin décembre. These sessions are held twice a week and last until the end of December. Des expériences similaires seront organisées avec des université Chinoises, Russes et Tchèques. Accéder aux Vidéos Similar experiments will be conducted with university Chinese, Russians and Czechs.

Institut National d'Informatique  
The Informatics National Institute (I.N.I.) is a university Institute, distant of about 20 kilometres far from the capital city: Algiers. It is located in the city suburban area. Near the “Algiers - Dar El Beida” railway axis and “BenAknoun - Houari Boumedienne International airport” motorway. Built on a surface of 13 hectares, I.N.I. is in the neighbourhood of “Houari Boumedienne university of sciences and technology” (USTHB), (about two kilometers) and only a few hundred of meters from the area of El Harrach and Bab Ezzouar.The 20th century was characterized by a scientific development that has no predecessor. Computer Science is undeniably the field that made the greatest paces. Since its apparition, this technology has not stopped developing, and got the status of a privileged field to the extent that it is now regarded as the major assistant of any contemporary human innovation In order to follow the universal technological development, along with the exploitation of its scientific potentialities, Algeria acts so as to create the symbol of the perseverance and success in computer science. The Informatics National Institute has for a long time taken a great part in this developments.s

Université d'Alger  
The University of Algiers, the first Algerian University ( the alma mater) was established in 1909 (under the Law of 3O December, 1909). This creation however was the result of a series of stages in academic activity, marked in particular by the Law of 1879 establishing four specialized schools: medicine, pharmacy, sciences, letters, and law. The Administration of the Benyoucef Benkhedda University of Algiers (The President’s Office, the Deputy_President’s Offices, the Calculus Centre ), and the University Library are located in downtown Algiers, at 2 Rue Didouche Mourad, on a site commonly called « La Faculté Centrale », in which the major part of this University’s teaching used to be concentrated. The Faculties and Institutes are situated on this location as well as among the various extensions of the University in various parts of Algiers: The Faculty of Letters and Languages : « Faculté Centrale » and Bouzareah extension ; The Faculty of Humaines et Social Sciences : Bouzareah extension ; The Faculty of Medicine : « Faculté Centrale » and Dergana and Maherzi extension; The Faculty of Political and Information Sciences: Ben Aknoun extension; The Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences: Caroubier and Dely Ibrahim extension; he Faculty of Islamic Sciences : Caroubier extension ; The Faculty of Law: Ben Aknoun extension; Institute of Physical and Sports Education: Sidi Abdallah extension; Institute of Archeology : Sidi Abdallah extension.

Université de Béjaia  
Although born late (1983) compared to his past scientific and cultural known, the University of Bejaia, a public institution of higher education under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, has been able to grow and moving from a strength of 205 students supervised by 40 teachers at its opening for a total of 22792 students and 698 teachers in 2006. Cet essor n’a pu se réaliser qu’avec une diversification judicieuse de ses filières et options. This expansion could not be achieved with a judicious diversification of its channels and options. The University of Bejaia consists of four Faculties (Faculty of Sciences and Engineering Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law and Economic Sciences, and Faculty of Nature and Life.). Elle se déploie sur deux sites principaux (Targa Ouzemmour et Aboudaou). It is spread over two main sites (Targa Ouzemmour and Aboudaou).