TV and radio channels South Africa

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ETV - South Africa TV Channel
Launched in 1998, is South Africa's only free-to-air television channel. The station carries a mix of news, sports and entertainment. broadcasts mainly in English, although does carry some programming in other languages in order to comply with its license requirements.

Kuduclub - South Africa TV Channel
MNet also has a Web TV service, Kuduclub, for South Africans living further afield. This provides a wide range of South African television and radio for play through a computer.

- South Africa TV Channel
DSTV is MNet's digital satellite service, launched in 1995. The subscription-based service is available in South Africa and throughout Africa. DSTV carries more than 50 channels, ranging from South African produced content, to international syndicated content, sports and news.

MNet - South Africa TV Channel
MNet, started in 1986, is a subscription channel. The MNet signal is usually encoded, except for an "Open Time" between 5pm and 7pm. This free to air period is an relic of MNet's licensing conditions, and will come to an end in April 2007.

SABC1 - South Africa TV Channel
SABC1 is the most watched television channel in South Africa. The channel broadcasts in a wide range of languages, carrying news, entertainment and sports.

SABC2 - South Africa TV Channel
SABC2 also carries programming in a range of languages, including most of the SABC's Afrikaans programming. The channel has a high proportion of locally produced programming.

SABC3 - South Africa TV Channel
SABC3 runs most of the SABC's English content, including many American and British comedies and dramas.

SABCAfrica - South Africa TV Channel
The SABC also broadcasts SABCAfrica, a news and entertainment channel, to the rest of the continent.

SABC News - South Africa TV Channel
Uploaded: 19:30H South African time (utc/gmt +2) daily. In additional to news bulletins, the channel features current affairs, investigative programmes and business news from around the globe making it a well balanced news channel.


SABC News International - South Africa TV Channel
SABC News International is the first African News channel dedicated to reporting domestic & international news from an African perspective. The channel has a Pan-Africa focus and forms part of the SABC News family. The channel has been launched to support the African Renaissance and NEPAD initiatives

The Independent Communication Authority of South Africa is a product of statute, The Independent Communication Authority of South Africa Amendment Act of 2000, later amended in 2005.

Divine Truth - South Africa TV Channel
Divine Truth Broadcasting Channel - "A World Restoration Service For World Peace"

Mindset Health - South Africa TV Channel
Mindset Health, a powerful partnership between Mindset Network, the National Department of Health and Sentech aims to deliver on a mass scale, uplifting health education and promotion of critical health issues, including the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Mindset Learn - South Africa TV Channel
Mindset Learn was launched in 2003 and provides free educational support materials for educators and learners through television, computer and satellite technology. Mindset Learn TV lessons are broadcast Monday to Friday, 8.30 to 20.30 on DStv Channel 100. Schools can get a free TV licence and receive the content for free once receiving equipment has been installed.

Rohi Broadcasting Network
Rohi Broadcasting Network is a bible based broadcaster which operates in obedience to our Lord Jesus's command to go out and to spread the good news of His Saviourship to all sorts of people throughout the world.

UNISA - South Africa TV Channel
UNISA is Africa’s premier distance learning institution. We are a reputable, comprehensive, flexible and accessible Open Distance Learning institution. We offer internationally accredited qualifications and have world-class resources that inspire learners to create meaningful futures on their own terms.

5 FM - South Africa Radio Station
5FM holds a "three-strikes and you're out" policy. Should you upload content that contravenes the above rules, your content will be removed and you will receive a warning via email. Should this happen three times, you will automatically be banned from the BlogJockey system.

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Channel Africa - South Africa Radio Station
Your multi-lingual source of reliable information about Africa - with news, music and sports. Channel Africa seeks to contextualise its information and present its reports from an African perspective

Channel Islam International - South Africa Radio Station
The brainchild of a group of South African visionaries, Cii Broadcasting is a global Islamic media brand which aims to bring about a new level of information affluence among Muslims around the world. CII presenters and content producers work closely with key Islamic scholars in the Arab world to formulate Islamic content with specific relevance to the African ...

Classic FM - South Africa Radio Station
A chorus of birdsong heralded the launch of the UK's first national commercial radio station in the summer of 1992. Two months later, on September 7 1992, Classic FM hit the airwaves for the first time.

New Clicks - South Africa Radio Station
New Clicks Holdings is a specialist retail group which has been listed on the JSE Limited since 1996. Through market-leading retail brands Clicks, Musica and The Body Shop, the group has 500 stores across southern Africa.

CNA Live - South Africa Radio Station
CNA is one of the oldest retail brands in Southern Africa having commenced trading in 1896, which makes CNA an incredible 109 years old. Edcon, one of Southern Africa’s leading retailers, acquired CNA in November 2002. Edcon consists of the Department Stores Division ...

Y FM - South Africa Radio Station
99.2 YFM is Gauteng’s leading youth radio station. The favorite radio station of 16-34 year-olds in South Africa’s most economically vibrant province, YFM is the authoritative voice of youth culture (Rams 2006/1).

Thobela FM - South Africa Radio Station
Thobela FM is the contemporary voice of Northern Sotho speaking and /or understanding South Africans, acknowledging, proud and respectful of their cultural heritage, without being tied to it.

Talk Radio 702 - South Africa Radio Station
Talk Radio 702 presents the only handy book with a happy beginning, middle and ending - More Than 101 Things to do With Kids in 702land.

Radio TUKS - South Africa Radio Station
Radio Tuks broadcasts from the University of the Pretoria campus, reaching most of the greater Tshwane area. The station targets an Afrikaans-speaking audience aged 16 to 29, reflecting the culture and aspirations of student life, with content 40% talk and 60% music.

90.5 FM - South Africa Radio Station
90.5 FM broadcasts from Weavind Park in Tshwane in a 100km in radius of the capital. The station targets listeners aged 16 to 49, with programming geared to Afrikaners and made up of talk and music in equal measure.

Rainbow FM - South Africa Radio Station
Rainbow FM - Broadcasting south and west of Johannesburg, Rainbow FM is a Christian station with 60% music and 40% local and international news and community events, aimed at all ages.

Jozi FM Stereo - South Africa Radio Station
Jozi FM Stereo - Formerly known as Soweto Buwa Community Radio, Jozi FM broadcasts from Dube, Soweto, targeting listeners aged 16 to 49. Programming is multicultural, half talk and half music.

NAB - South Africa Radio Station
The NAB is a non-profit organisation funded entirely by its members. We regularly engage with policy makers on behalf of our members in order to promote an industry grounded in the principles of democracy, diversity and freedom of expression.

Ukhozi FM - South Africa Radio Station
Ukhozi FM - By far South Africa's largest radio station, broadcasting in isiZulu, the country's largest language group, Ukhozi - meaning "eagle" - is a semi-national adult contemporary radio station with a public broadcasting mandate.

Radio Tygerberg - South Africa Radio Station
Radio Tygerberg is a Christian station broadcasting from Belville and targeting listeners aged 16 to 49, with programming made up of talk and music in equal measure.

Radio 786 - South Africa Radio Station
Radio 786 - Radio 786 broadcasts from Rylands Estate in Cape Town, targeting Muslim listeners aged 25 to 34. Programming reflects Islamic values and is made up of 95% talk and 5% music.

Voice of the Cape - South Africa Radio Station
Voice of the Cape - VOC broadcasts from the Gardens in Cape Town, targeting Muslim listeners aged 25 and over. Programming reflects the multi-ethnic Muslim community and is made up of 70% talk and 30% music.

Fine Music Radio - South Africa Radio Station
Fine Music Radio - The station broadcasts from Cape Town, targeting discerning listeners over 35 with a taste for fine art, jazz and classical music. Programming is multicultural and made up of 10% talk and 90% music.

MFM 92.6 - South Africa Radio Station
MFM 92.6 - MFM broadcasts from Stellenbosch University, targeting listeners aged 16 to 29. Programming reflects the culture and aspirations of the student life on the campus and is made up of 40% talk and 60% music.

SAfm - South Africa Radio Station
SAfm - "The station for the well-informed," SAfm covers the news and canvasses the opinions of the country. John Perlman's popular After Eight Debate brings some of the most prominent South Africans into the studio to discuss the events that are in the news.

Lotus FM - South Africa Radio Station
Lotus FM - Lotus FM is a metropolitan, music- and talk-focused Indian lifestyle station, reflecting the music, culture and lifestyle of the progressive South African Indian community. With the pay-off line "Not everything is black and white", the station emphasises both the South African and Indian identity of its listeners.

Lesedi FM - South Africa Radio Station
Lesedi FM - Lesedi FM is a semi-national cultural service, broadcasting to an audience ranging in age from 16 to 49 living in urban and rural African communities. The largest seSotho radio station in South Africa, Lesedi FM is a needs-driven participatory radio station, with regular programming that touches on issues with a direct bearing on economic and personal empowerment.

Radio Kingfisher - South Africa Radio Station
Radio Kingfisher - Radio Kingfisher is a Christian station broadcasting from Port Elizabeth and targeting listeners aged 25 to 49 with multicultural religious and secular programming made up of 60% talk and 40% music.

Link FM - South Africa Radio Station
Link FM is a Christian station broadcasting from East London and targeting listeners aged 16 to 49, with programming made up of 10% talk and 90% music.

Bay FM - South Africa Radio Station
Bay FM was born out of Radio Uppie at the University of Port Elizabeth. Now independent of the university and run by members of the community, the station's programming reflects its young target market and goes out in a mix of English and Xhosa, with 60% music and 40% talk.

Rhodes Music Radio - South Africa Radio Station
Rhodes Music Radio - The station broadcasts from the campus of Rhodes University in Grahamstown, covering a radius of 25 kilometres from the town and targeting listeners and 16 to 28. Programming reflects the culture and aspirations of the student life and is made up of 40% talk and 60% music.

Metro FM - South Africa Radio Station
Metro FM - Broadcast in English, Metro FM is the largest national commercial station in South Africa, targeting 25- to 34-year-old black urban adults - who its owner the SABC describes as "trendy, innovative, progressive and aspirational". While the station does have some information and educational aspects, the focus is firmly on contemporary international music - hip-hop, R&B, kwaito and more.

Jacaranda FM - South Africa Radio Station
Jacaranda FM - One of the largest independent commercial stations and also broadcasting in Gauteng, Jacaranda offers a mix of more easy-listening adult contemporary music and news.

East Coast Radio - South Africa Radio Station
East Coast Radio - East Coast broadcasts a mix of music and news to Durban and throughout KwaZulu-Natal.

94.7 Highveld Stereo - South Africa Radio Station
94.7 Highveld Stereo - Popular home of Jeremy Mansfield's Rude Awakening, Highveld Stereo broadcasts a mix of contemporary music throughout Gauteng. It is owned by Primedia.

Kaya FM - South Africa Radio Station
Kaya FM - Kaya FM provides an African-focused adult contemporary and jazz format, with a mix of music and talk. One of the country's newest radio stations, Kaya broadcasts throughout Gauteng.

Good Hope FM - South Africa Radio Station
Cape Town's largest radio station, the SABC's Good Hope FM plays contemporary music ranging from R&B, ballads and pop through to hip hop, dance, jazz and old school. With a broadcast footprint covering metropolitan Cape Town, Langebaan, Malmesbury, Wellington, Paarl, Franchhoek, Stellenbosch and Gordon's Bay, it targets the 22- to 32-year-old age group.