TV and radio channels Serbia And Montenegro

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RTS 1 - Serbia TV Channel
RTS1 is the public and national broadcaster of Serbia which usually wins each year with the highest ratings in Serbia. RTS1 offers viewers political shows and debates and domestic and international shows. RTS1 prides itself for being the network with the most domestic shows which it funds itself.

RTS2 - Serbia TV Channel
RTS2 often may win the viewing day with special sporting events and special parliamentary debates. RTS2 also broadcasts children's and educational programmes and reruns of old Serbian drama and comedy programmes.

RTS SAT - Serbia TV Channel
RTS SAT is the name of RTS's satellite service created to serve the Serbian diaspora across the world. It broadcasts the most popular programmes from RTS1 and RTS2. RTS SAT now covers Australia, Europe and North America.

TV Studio B - Serbia TV Channel
Studio B, a local television/radio station in Belgrade, Serbia.

TV Košava - Serbia TV Channel
TV Košava is a Serbian television station with national licence. It broadcast across Serbia in time-sharing with children's channel Happy TV.

Fox Televizija - Serbia TV Channel
Fox televizija is a Serbian commercial television network that was launched on December 31, 2006. It is 49% owned by the News Corporation since Serbian laws don't allow foreign subjects to own 50% percent or more of a television network with a nationwide broadcasting license.

B92-TV - Serbia TV Channel
In September 2000, B92-TV began broadcasting as a local TV station reaching Belgrade's greater municipal area and parts of Vojvodina. Over the next few years, the station expanded its network of repeaters and could be seen in most of Serbia.

Discovery Channel - Serbia TV Channel
Discovery Channel is a cable and satellite TV channel founded by John Hendricks and distributed by Discovery Communications. It provides documentary programming focused primarily on popular science, technology, and history.

BK Telecom - Serbia TV Channel
BK Telecom is one of the youngest television stations in Serbia and Montenegro. It is a privately owned, revenue generating media house with a “G” rating.


TV Avala - Serbia TV Channel
TV Avala is a Serbian television channel with national frequency. The station won national TV frequencie in Serbia, in April 2006. Five months after that, it premiered its program on September 17th, 2006. With its editor's politics, TV Avala reminds of Third Channel, which used to be part of National TV system which was cancelled earlier in 2006.

RTV Pink - Serbia TV Channel
RTV Pink is a popular TV network based in Serbia with stations in several nearby countries as well as satellite and specialty channels. The network's controlling company is called "RTV Pink International", owned by Željko Mitrovic.

RTV Vojvodina - Serbia TV Channel
Radio Television of Vojvodina (Radio Televizija Vojvodine (RTV)) is the public broadcaster in the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Its headquarters is in Novi Sad.

Pink M - Montenegro TV Channel
Pink M is a television station in Montenegro with a signal and broadcast licence that covers its entire territory. Founded by Serbian network RTV Pink, Pink M operates as its Montenegrin subsidiary.

RTCG - Montenegro TV Channel
Radio Television of Montenegro is the public broadcasting organization of Montenegro. A state-owned company with its headquarters in Podgorica, it is made up of Radio Montenegro (RCG - Radio Crne Gore) and Montenegro Television (TVCG - Televizija Crne Gore).

Radio Televizija Atlas (RTV Atlas)
Radio Televizija Atlas (RTV Atlas) is a national broadcaster in Montenegro. It is based in Podgorica and can be found in most of Montenegro. TV Atlas also broadcasts program over satellite.

NTV Montena - Montenegro TV Channel
Nezavisna Televizija Montena (NTV Montena) is a regional broadcaster in Montenegro. It is based in Podgorica and can be found in most of Montenegro. It consists of TV Montena and Montena Radio.

Elmag RTV - Montenegro TV Channel
Radio Television Elmag is a broadcasting company based in Podgorica, Montenegro. RTV Elmag consists of TV Elmag and Radio Elmag.

RTV Nikšic - Montenegro TV Channel
Radio Televizija Nikšic (English: Radio Television Nikšic) is a local radio-television company based in Nikši?, Montenegro. It's radio and television programmes are heard and seen in and around the town of Nikši?.

RTV Panorama - Montenegro TV Channel
Radio Televizija Panorama (English: Radio Television Panorama) is a local broadcasting company based in Pljevlja, Montenegro. The programmes of Radio Panorama and TV Panorama can be heard and seen in the Pljevlja area.

Radio Crne Gore - Montenegro Radio Station
Radio Crne Gore is a radio station in Montenegro. It is part of Radio Televizija Crne Gore (Radio-Television of Montenegro). Radio Crne Gore broadcasts from Podgorica.

Montena Radio - Montenegro Radio Station
Montena Radio began broadcasts on 17 October 1997.

Radio Elmag - Montenegro Radio Station
Radio Elmag was the first FM station in Montenegro since and it has signal in all the country... i podgorica the fm code is 96.00 FM

Radio Zeta - Montenegro Radio Station
Radio Zeta is a radio station in Montenegro. It's headquarters are in Podgorica.

Ozon Radio - Montenegro Radio Station
Ozon Radio is a local radio station in Montenegro. Its headquarters are in Kolašin. It operates on the FM 97.6 MHz frequency.

Radio Antena M - Montenegro Radio Station
Antena M is a radio station in Montenegro. It covers the whole territory of its Montenegro and is one of the most popular independent radio stations. The president and owner of the station is Darko Šukovi?, a prominent Montenegrin journalist.

Radio Budva - Montenegro Radio Station
Radio Budva Montenegro.

Radio Gorica - Montenegro Radio Station
Radio Gorica is a radio station in Montenegro. It's headquarters are in Podgorica. The name "Gorica" probably comes from Gorica, the hill that Podgorica is named after.

Art Radio - Serbia Radio Station
Art Radio 88MHz is a Belgrade oldies radio station founded in 2002. Art Radio claims the most complete CD and LP library of world oldies standards, including some very valuable rare archive records from original sound carriers.

B92 - Serbia Radio Station
The B92 radio station was founded in May 1989 in Belgrade as a predominantly youth-oriented station. Throughout the years it has become a regional radio with wide audience. The radio station has about 400,000 listeners on a daily basis which is around 35% of all radio listeners with almost 80 stations on the air. As of recently, radio B92 covers Vojvodina and Central Serbia.

Khrlo e Romengo - Serbia Radio Station
Khrlo e Romengo is a radio station, transmitting by satellite from Belgrade, Serbia, ran by the Voice of Roma NGO, featuring programming in the Romani language.

Radio Bajina Bašta - Serbia Radio Station
Radio Bajina Bašta is a radio station in Bajina Bašta, Western Serbia. It started broadcasting on May 15, 1992, during a time when, only a few hundred meters west of the radio station, a civil war was raging in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Radio Belgrade - Serbia Radio Station
Radio Belgrade is a state-owned and operated radio station in Belgrade, Serbia. The predecessor of Radio Beograd, Radio Beograd-Rakovica, started its program in 1924 and was a part of a state wireless telegraph station. Radio Beograd, AD started in March 1929. Its program consists of music, news, radio-drama, broadcasting from theaters, etc.

Radio Show PËRBALLJA - Serbia Radio Station
Radio Show PËRBALLJA is a radio station in Kosovo that started to air in July 2005, from the movement VETËVENDOSJE! ("SELF-DETERMINATION!") called "Përballja". In this radio show, the people of Kosovo are aiming to provide a forum for independent and non-conformist debate about Kosovo and to highlight the importance of social and political organization for Kosovo's citizens.

Radio Jat - Serbia Radio Station
Radio Jat is a radio station in Serbia and was a subsidiary of national air carrier Jat Airways which operates in the Belgrade metropolitan area. The radio station was sold to the "Happy media company". The station is still a partner of the national carrier and it has been decided for the name to stay the same rather than change it.

RTS Radio 1 - Serbia Radio Station
The goal of RTS Radio 1 is to provide comprehensive news and current affairs programmes to the public. The radio station also offers entertainment and culture shows.

RTS Radio 2 - Serbia Radio Station
RTS Radio 2 is a cultural station based around social dialogue which constantly broadcasts thoughts about life and creation abroad and in Serbia. The station shares the same radio waves as RTS Radio 3. RTS 2 is broadcast from six in the morning until eight in the evening.

RTS Radio 3 - Serbia Radio Station
RTS Radio 3 is broadcast from 20.00 until 06.00.

Belgrade 202 - Serbia Radio Station
This Radio station broadcasts in the Belgrade metropolitan area. It broadcasts short news segments, rock and pop music. Hosts of various music programmes on the radio often ask listeners to send in their thoughts via SMS or the Internet. Belgrade 202 also has a special morning programme broadcast from 06.00 until 09.00. which is based around current cultural, social and political trends.