TV and radio channels Russia

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100 TV - Russia TV Channel
100 TV - We work for city and the townspeople, we try to return to primary value of TV to human lifes: to a source of the information and knowledge, the satellite of leisure. The most interesting look at 100 TV!

24 Dok - Russia TV Channel
The structure of the channel 24 Dok is constructed by a principle multichannel TV also will consist of seven thematic headings: Society, Geography, Culture, Science, Our archives, Documentary cinema, and The world about us.

4 Kanal - Russia TV Channel
Channel 4 – a unique broadcasting company of Ekaterinburg with own programming, and only it in city is capable is high-grade to reflect a life of the spectators, operatively and online to react to their inquiries. Already now 5 hours per week-days on " the Fourth channel " on the air leave own programs of various genres and formats: from entertaining up to information and socially-publicistic. Together with city " the Fourth channel " every day participates in the brightest moments of its life, together with it grows and develops.

Smeshnoe HCT - Russia TV Channel
On HCT the best comic formats of domestic and foreign manufacture are presented: a sketch-show, the latent chamber, home video, a joke. Classics of a comic genre and young humorists.

5 Kanal - Russia TV Channel
The Channel 5 has created the unique tool — a network of the Open studios, allowing to shine and discuss every possible subject matters in a mode of actual time, connecting cities of Russia. In any format and a genre, any question and any subject matter reveal on the basis of materials and the certificates received from different cities of the country.

7 TV - Russia TV Channel
7 TV - Releases contain the operative information on the basic sports events in the world, in our country, in Moscow and Moscow suburbs. Sources of creation of plots are: own shooting, agency materials (as a rule, the international origin), materials of the air 7 TV, client materials (including from sports clubs, federations and organizers of sports actions), plots of nonresident correspondents, and also archival materials 7 TV.

A-One - Russia TV Channel
On a background of unprecedented domination of a pop-music in the Russian music, at cinema, in the literature, in journalism, telechannel A-ONE managed to create and show the Great Wave of resistance to monotony, and to primitiveness.

Amazing Life - Russia TV Channel
The primary goals of the telechannel are: - Education at the population of culture of health; - Increase of motivation of the person to preservation of the health and conducting a healthy way of life.

AS Baikal TV - Russia TV Channel
One of the first independent television Russia "AS Baikal TV was founded in 1991. Today it is among the ten largest television country. The main advantage of which is allocated "AS Baikal TV" among other television Russia - is transferring ownership advanced centre.


Blagovest Telekanal - Russia TV Channel
August 19 (6 August Old Style) 2005 starts broadcasting Orthodox TV channel "Blagovest". In March, began broadcasting television channel in the city of St. Petersburg in the networks of cable operator Ltd. "Integral-Service", in Chelyabinsk - Uralunikom LLC "," pos.

Bibigon - Russia TV Channel
Bibigon - poluzabyty hero poems Kornei Chukovsky Ivanovic, a tiny Midget, which fell to Earth from the Moon and defeats evil sorcerer Brundulyaka-turkey. It is this zadiristomu boy-with-fingers am honoured to become the new face of a publicly state TV channel for children and young people.

Bridge TV - Russia TV Channel
4 times a week, you can enjoy dozens of the best clips on TV BRIDGE TV, which will introduce Anna Nova, a leading TOP 10. Every day from 19:30 to 21:00 see the best clips of different generations. BRIDGE IN TIME. Music 80 - x 90 - s, as well as the new clips in the program BRIDGE IN TIME.

CNL Siberia - Russia TV Channel
CNL ™: Reaches the Gospel population of the ground in more than 100 nationalities worldwide through satellite and cable telecasting. You can listen to CNL TV channel president voice-message report to the web-site visitors.

Dom Kino - Russia TV Channel
The cinema channel DOM KINO has been created for the real buffs of Russian cinema. The channel includes films targeted at a very wide Russian-speaking audience. On a given day you can find the best of the last century of Russian filmmaking, from the classic black-and-white films of the last century to the latest Russian blockbusters of the new century.

DTV - Russia TV Channel
Official site of a telechannel. The general information on the company: history, a command, contacts. The program of transfers. The information for advertizers.

Enisey Region - Russia TV Channel
Telechannel "Yenisei-region" - the first regional state channel of the incorporated Krasnoyarsk region. Thus "Yenisei-region" became the first broadcasting company and on March, 4th 2006 has begun the announcement and in Krasnoyarsk. This historical event for all edge as now it became unified information space.

Fashion TV Russia & Eastern Europe
FTV is the only 24 hours / 7 days fashion, beauty and style TV station worldwide and provides glamorous entertainment with emphasis on the latest trends. FTV is one of the 4 most distributed channels worldwide. FTV is updated, informative, glamorous and sexy.

MUSIC BOX - Russia TV Channel
MUSIC BOX — the interactive musical channel first in Russia. MUSIC BOX RU represents only Russian music. Modern the priest and a rock music, "chanson", smash hits of an old Soviet and modern platform - all there.

Television Travel Club - Russia TV Channel
Television travelogue "- another novelty pay television market. This is a new (and regular) Tourism channel, which may be interesting not only for tourists but also for people simply curious. The main "chip" channel - domestic tourism, as we told ideologue and creator of "Club" Vladimir Shekhovtsov.

Komi RTK - Russia TV Channel
Since April, 1st, 2006 the network partner of Komi of a republican telechannel became all-Russian broadcasting company PEH TV. Komi a republican telechannel possesses sufficient technical and creative potential for successful work in a television ether of Republic Komi, maintenance of duly illumination of all sides of a social, cultural and political life of region.

- Russia TV Channel
Russia Today is the first 24/7 English-language news channel to present the Russian point of view on events happening in Russia and around the globe. The channel was established in April 2005 by the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization TV-Novosti.

Channel One - Russia TV Channel
Channel One is one of Russia's most highly rated TV channels, and the one with the widest reception area. Channel One remains the most prosperous of Russian TV channels and wields the largest budget by far.

RTR - Russia TV Channel
The Russia TV Channel , previously known as RTR , is a state-owned Russian television channel founded in 1991. It belongs to VGTRK.

RTR-Sport TV channel - Russia TV Channel - The first Internet portal in RuNet, which began live broadcasts of sports matches and interactive transmission with commentaries athletes, coaches and specialists. Daily sports news: Olympic games, the world championships and the Europe on football, hockey, basketball and other sports.

TV Gubernia - Russia TV Channel
Guberniya "TV" - is the first TV network boundary, the Far East's largest television station, which is among the ten regional leaders electronic media in Russia. The potential television audience exceeds 1500000 people.

TV Centr Moskva - Russia TV Channel
Broadcasting company "TV the Center" – one of leading Russian broadcasting companies which programs for the first time send in an ether on June, 9th, 1997. Then one of the basic vectors of progress has been certain: to be beyond the Moscow city channel and to become a broadcasting company of federal propagation.

Avtoradio - Russia Radio Channel
The daily audience - more than 900 thousand people. Over the past few years, the welfare of listeners has increased considerably. "Avtoradio" traditionally popular among most profitable groups: managers, entrepreneurs.

Voice of Russia - Russia Radio Channel
Voice of Russia (VOR) has been broadcasting in foreign languages since October 29, 1929. VOR aims to introduce the international community to Russia, present a close-to-life picture of Russian developments to the foreign listener and help the listener gain a feeling of closeness to, and an understanding of Russia. Annually VOR receives correspondence from people living in more than 160 countries around the world.

City FM - Russia Radio Channel
City-FM – the Moscow information radio station round the clock broadcasting on frequency 87.9 FM c on February, 1st, 2006.

Road Radio - Russia Radio Channel
We move to change in a life and we lay new ways. Music as anything else, creates to us special mood and allows force to move further. Easily on heart from a song cheerful, the poet has told. Not arguing with it, we shall add only, that any road rather interesting is done with the useful and duly information.

Russkoe Radio - Russia Radio Channel
Everyone knows, that Russian Radio likes to give gifts to the listeners. Also does it often, with greater scope and with the great pleasure. Many lucky beggars from all ends of the country have made sure in it on own experience, having received wonderful prizes.

Vostok Rossii - Russia Radio Channel
« The east of Russia » defines itself as « serious radio for serious people ». Each hour per an ether there are « news of day » with weather forecast and current exchange rate. Four times a day leave « sports news », the most operative and various news of region. The east of Russia and its radio station today is a territory of the reliable future.

Radio of Russia - Russia Radio Channel
"Radio Russia" - is the most powerful country in the proliferation network radio - 1100 transmitters! "Apart from the first button" wired broadcasting program "Radio Russia" sound in all regions in the long, medium, FM waves, as well as in real-audio at

Relax FM - Russia Radio Channel
To each of us at times it would be desirable to appear there where it is possible to forget about noise and vanity of the big city. Radio Relax FM 90.8 - one of such places. On a quiet wave there is everything to relax. Easy sounds, gentle images and pleasant emotions. It is possible not only hear, but also to feel. Radio Relax FM – a quiet wave.

Narodnoe Radio - Russia Radio Channel
"The People's Radio" - informational, social-political, cultural, educational, social, musical program on the basis of traditional spiritual and moral values in Russia. Case broadcasting covers virtually the entire spectrum of life: politics, economics, social issues, education, culture and art.

AS Baikal Radio - Russia Radio Channel
In 1992 the company launched the first broadcast in Irkutsk in the FM radio band with stereo - it was a radio station Europe + Baikal "