TV and radio channels France

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France 24 - France TV Channel
France 24 on both the French- and English-language edition) is an international news and current affairs television channel. It started broadcasting on 6 December 2006

TF1 Télévision Française 1 - France TV Channel
TF1 is a private French TV channel, controlled by TF1 Group, whose major share-holder is Bouygues. TF1's 35% average market share, achieved on the ménagères de moins de 50 ans audience segment (house-wives less than 50 years old) makes it the most popular domestic network.

France 2 - France TV Channel
France 2 is the largest French public television network. It is part of the France Télévisions group, along with France 3, France 5, Réseau France Outre-mer, and the digital-only France 4. France Télévisions also participates in ARTE, EuroNews, several cable/satellite thematic channels, and Mediamétrie.

France 3 - France TV Channel
France 3 is the second largest French public television network and part of the France Télévisions group, which also includes France 2, France 4, France 5, and France Ô.

France 4 - France TV Channel
France 4 is a French public television network featuring arts, including music. It is part of the France Télévisions group. It is available through cable, satellite, ADSL and the new digital terrestrial television system.

Canal+ - France TV Channel
Canal+ ("Canal Plus", meaning "Channel Plus/More" in French) is a French premium pay television channel launched in 1984. It is owned by the Canal+ Group, which in turn is owned by Vivendi SA.

France 5 - France TV Channel
France 5 is a public television network in France, part of the France Télévisions group. Principally featuring educational programming, the channel's motto is la chaîne de la connaissance et du savoir (the knowledge and science network).

Télé Monte Carlo - France TV Channel
Télé Monte Carlo or TMC Monte Carlo, traditionally known as TMC is a Monégasque general entertainment television channel.

Métropole 6 - France TV Channel
Métropole 6, known popularly as simply M6, is a French television service owned by a company called Métropole Télévision. M6 broadcasts an over-the-air SECAM signal, and is also carried on the Atlantic Bird 3 broadcast satellite.


RFO - France TV Channel
The Réseau France Outre-mer (RFO) is a network of radio and television stations operating in France's overseas departments and territories around the world.

Arte - France TV Channel
Arte (Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne) is a Franco-German TV network. It describes itself as a European culture channel and aims to promote quality programming especially in areas of culture and the arts.

W9 - France TV Channel
W9 is a generalist French television network. It is available through digital terrestrial television TNT. It is a subsidiary of M6; W9 is the mirror image of M6.

NT1 - France TV Channel
NT1 (Nouvelle Télévision 1, "New Television 1") is a French television network. It is available through digital terrestrial television in France. It is a subsidiary of AB Group.

Direct 8 - France TV Channel
Direct 8 is a new French television network, owned by Vincent Bolloré. It is available through digital terrestrial television network "TNT" and the Hot Bird satellite position.

NRJ 12 - France TV Channel
NRJ 12 is a French television network. It is available through digital terrestrial television "TNT". It is a French music video station and is connected to NRJ Radio.

La Chaîne parlementaire - France TV Channel
La Chaîne parlementaire (French for the Parliament Channel) also abbreviated to LCP is a French television network responsible for broadcasting activity from the National Assembly of France and the Senate of France. It is available through digital terrestrial television "TNT".

BFM TV - France TV Channel
BFM TV is French 24-hour television news channel. BFM TV is held by the French group NextradioTV which also owns the radio stations BFM and RMC.

Virgin 17 - France TV Channel
Virgin 17 is a French music video television network owned by the MCM Group, a subsidiary of Lagardère Active. It is available through digital terrestrial television in France, "TNT".

Gulli - France TV Channel
Gulli is a new French television network dedicated to children's programming. It is available through digital terrestrial television "TNT" in partnership with Lagardère Active and Canal J, and France Télévisions with children's programmes from France 3. The channel broadcasts 6h30 to 23h daily. Gulli is also known as Cyperbot.

Télé - France TV Channel
Télé is a French digital channel launched on 4 November 1999.

Mezzo - France TV Channel
Mezzo is a French television channel devoted to classical music, opera, ballet, jazz and world music. It was formed in 1992 and was called France Supervision until 1998.

MTV France - France TV Channel
MTV France, the French speaking branch of MTV. The channel serves the Francophone world including Belgium (French speaking areas), Switzerland (French speaking areas), Monaco and Africa (French speaking areas), Morocco on cable and Lebanon.

MCM - France TV Channel
MCM is a French music video TV channel owned by Groupe MCM. It was started in 1989 by Groupe Europe following the MTV model. MCM broadcasts 3 encrypted music TV channels "MCM France", "MCM Pop" and "MCM Top" as part of the "CanalSat France" subscription TV package from the "Astra 1" cluster of Direct-to-Home broadcast satellites at the 19.2 degrees East orbital position.

TPS Foot - France TV Channel
TPS Foot is a French sports channel that is dedicated to airing football matches and is owned by French satellite provider TPS.

13ème Rue - France TV Channel
13ème Rue is a French cable channel, part of Universal Studios, it was launched in 1997. 13ème Rue program are a mix of police and paranormal series, films,...

Cartoon Network - France TV Channel
Cartoon Network is a cable television network created by Turner Broadcasting which primarily shows animated programming.

Discovery Channel - France TV Channel
Discovery Channel is a cable and satellite TV channel founded by John Hendricks and distributed by Discovery Communications. It provides documentary programming focused primarily on popular science, technology, and history.

Radio Courtoisie - France Radio Station
Radio Courtoisie is a French radio station noted for broadcasting various elements of the French Right, French far-right, and Traditionalist Catholicism. It was founded in 1987. A Radio Courtoisie interview of Alain Menargues caused controversy due to his claim "the Jews" created the first ghettoes because they disliked being around "impure non-Jews."

FG DJ Radio - France Radio Station
FG DJ Radio (formerly Radio FG) is a French language radio station that started broadcasting from Paris, France on the 98.2 FM band. It is a radio station that exclusively broadcasts House, Techno, Dance and R'n'B music.

FIP - France Radio Station
France Inter Paris (FIP) is a French radio network, founded in 1971. It is part of the Radio France group.

France Bleu - France Radio Station
France Bleu is the regional radio network of Radio France. It is analogous to BBC Local Radio in the United Kingdom.

France Culture - France Radio Station
France Culture is a French public radio station devoted to cultural matters. France Culture was started in 1946 as Chaîne Nationale, then renamed 1958 France III then RTF Promotion in 1963, and finally France Culture in same year. It is part of Radio France It broadcasts throughout the country on FM, to Europe on various satellites and on internet.

France Info - France Radio Station
France Info (Info being an abbreviation for the French Informations, or News) is a French public news radio station, part of the Radio France group. It is the major news radio station in France, and is available across the country. It broadcasts world news 24 hours a day.

France Inter - France Radio Station
France Inter is a major French public radio network and part of Radio France.

France Musique - France Radio Station
France Musique is a French public radio station devoted to music, including classical music and jazz. France Musique was created in 1954 as Chaîne Haute-Fidélité then renamed 1958 as France IV Haute Fidélité, then RTF Haute Fidélité in 1963, and finally France Musiques in same year.

Fréquence Jazz - France Radio Station
Fréquence Jazz is a network consisting of a radio station and several translator stations, based at Lyon (France) and dedicated to jazz and soul music. It broadcasts to Southeastern France and Monaco.

Le Mouv' - France Radio Station
Le Mouv' is a French youth-oriented radio station which commenced broadcasting on June 17, 1997. As part of Radio France, it is a public service station. The station primarily plays alternative rock. Initially based in Toulouse, it moved to Paris in December 2001.

Nostalgie - France Radio Station
Nostalgie is a french FM radio station principally dedicated to the 50's', 60's', 70's' songs. 80 % of the songs are french songs. Nostalgie belongs to the NRJ Group.

Oül FM - France Radio Station
Oül FM is a radio station from the Virgin Radio International stable. Oül FM can be heard in a rock radio format on 102.3 FM in Paris, France, as well as via the Astra satellite system.

NRJ Radio - France Radio Station
NRJ, is a French multimedia group based in Paris. Since its foundation in 1981 as a French pop music radio station it has grown and evolved to become the NRJ Group

RTL - France Radio Station
In France, RTL is a popular nation-wide commercial radio network owned by the RTL Group.

Radio Blagon - France Radio Station
Radio Blagon is a volunteer-run, indie Internet radio station near Bordeaux in southwest France. The station was created in October 2004 and its objective is the diffusion and the promotion of diverse francophone music, such as rock, reggae, electronic music, etc. Most of the artists promoted on this radio belong to the alternative music scene.

Radio Campus Paris - France Radio Station
Radio Campus Paris is a non-profit student radio station. Funded in 1997 and first broadcasted on the Internet, the radio can be listened to in Paris, France on 93.9 FM (from 5.30 p.m. to 5.30 a.m.). Managed by volunteers (mainly students), this indie student radio focuses on emerging music and local and student-related news.

Radio Kerne - France Radio Station
Radio Kerne is a radio station that broadcasts exclusively in the Breton language. It broadcasts on FM in south Finistère, the westenmost département of Brittany, France, and on the Internet to the rest of the world. It plays local music from Brittany and world music. It is supported by both the local government of Finistère and the regional government of Brittany.

Radio Nova - France Radio Station
Radio Nova is a trendy radio station broadcasted from Paris, created and owned by Jean-François Bizot in 1981. Its playlist is characterized by several music genres, and non-mainstream music of hip hop, world music, and electronic music.

Radiola - France Radio Station
Radiola was a privately owned French radio station which broadcast under that name from 6 November 1922 until 28 March 1924. It made its first test transmissions on 26 June 1922 and broadcast its first news bulletin on 6 January 1923. Radiola's star announcer was Marcel Laporte.

Radio Shalom Dijon - France Radio Station
Radio Shalom Dijon is a local associative radio station of Jewish sensitivity based in Dijon, France. As of 2006, its president is Denis Tenenbaum.

Skyrock - France Radio Station
Skyrock is a French radio station, specializing in rap and R&B. With approximately 4.1 million listeners every day, it consistently ranks as the most popular radio station in Paris, and also among 13 to 24 year olds.

Sud Radio - France Radio Station
Sud Radio is a French privately owned broadcasting company. Sud Radio was founded in 1962. Until 1981 it used a high-power mediumwave transmitter on Pic Blanc in Andorra. Today Sud Radio can be received in most parts of Southern France in FM, but Sud Radio still uses an AM transmitter at Gauré, by which it can be also received abroad at night.

Virgin Radio - France Radio Station
Virgin Radio is a French network of FM radio stations dedicated to Rock and Pop music, operating on 250 different frequencies across France. Its musical programming is closely related to the American Hot Adult Contemporary format.