Internet service providers Russia

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Gelendzhik - Internet Service Provider
Gelendzhik-Relcom Communication Co.: Internet provider in Krasnodar region. Offer various service including 14.4k dialup IP, direct SLIP/PPP, UUCP, Company Web Pages, and more.

2Com Company - Internet Service Provider
A full range of Internet services are provided including dialup IP, UUCP, email,WWW, and ftp. 2Com Company combines the Internet and X.25 networks. This site is in Russian only.

ASU OAO "Electrosvyaz" of Vladimir City - Internet Service Provider
This service provider's site provides information about communication services in the City of Vladimir and the surrounding area. This data includes information about phones, leased lines, digital channels, Internet and other services. It is in Russian only.

AccessNet (Techno Center Plus) - Internet Service Provider
Techno Center Plus offers wide range of services including different levels of offline and online Internet access with email, Web and Internet software consulting and training, commercial services, inexpensive restricted accounts, web hosting and development plus much more.

AiPi-Com - Internet Service Provider
AiPi-Com provides Internet service with a substantial discounted rate during the night hours. Dial-up IP and a full range of Internet services are provided. It is in Russian only.

CENTRONET- Internet Service Provider
This Moscow ISP's site is mostly in Russian only although some pages are in English.

CISA+ Ltd. - Internet Service Provider
CISA Ltd. provides Internet connectivity in addition to training, consultation, hosting and other services required through dail-up and leased line connections.

CTINet - Internet Service Provider
CTINet (Computer Technologies Institute): This site is in Russian but an English version is being constructed.

Cityline - Internet Service Provider
Cityline provides Internet access, daily news and weekly coverage of the Web, support in Russian and English and other benefits for their subscribers. Although this site is dual language, many pages are not yet available in English.


Corbina - Internet Service Provider
Corbina is a full service telecommunications company in Moscow. Their services include Inernet access, computer telephony, voice, data, calling cards, design, installation and maintenance of telecommunication systems. This site is in Russian and English.

DataX/FLORIN, Inc. - Internet Service Provider
Access to the Internet is provided by iskra, dialup and leased line access by this ISP. WWW hosting, development, installation, customizing and maintainance of Internet sites is also provided. If desired, a two-day one-on-one training course is offered for those information providers that wish to develop their own web pages. They are also a System Integrator and Software company. This site is in Russian and English.

Demos Company - Internet Service Provider
Demos was the first private Soviet company that entered the world of foreign networks, and was the founder of the Relcom network. Relcom is the first and largest ex-USSR network which is now known as the "Russian Internet."

Euro InterSoft - Internet Service Provider
Euro InterSoft is an ISP in the Moscow area that also is a software developer. They provide email, UUCP, Dialup IP, PPP and Web advertising. They have an additional dual-language site whose English section still appears to be in the development stage.

ExtraNet - Internet Service Provider
Located in Moscow, this ISP has direct digital connections from more than 180 cities in Russia and the CIS. In addition to Internet services, Web development is also offered. This site is in Russian only.

Free Net - Internet Service Provider
The Network For Research, Education and Engineering is a nonprofit organization and service provider that assists and fulfills the networking needs of the research institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences, universities, colleges, and other research and academic institutions of Russia.

GARANT-PARK - Internet Service Provider
GARANT-PARK provides the full range of Internet services - including email, fax, ftp by mail, news, Web development, creation of corporative networks and complex Internet solutions. This site is in Russian and English.

GlasNet - Internet Service Provider
One of the largest ISPs in Russia, GlasNet is a computer network established in 1990 and a member of the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). GlasNet provides a full spectrum of Internet services, some of which includes email, fax, newsgroups, text and graphic access to the WWW and Web publishing and hosting.

Global One Russia - Internet Service Provider
Global One was founded in 1996 with the partnership of Sprint (USA), Deutsche Telekom (Germany) and France Telecom (France). In addition to a multitude of other telecommunications services, they also provide Internet access

Gold Net - Internet Service Provider
GoldNet Information Systems (Netstate Communications, Ltd.) - Among the full range of Internet services offered are high speed connections, dialup connection, email, Web publishing, hosting and design, network design and server installation. If needed by corporate or private users, technical consultation and Internet training is offered. This site is in Russian and English.

InfoTel - Internet Service Provider
Created in 1992, this full service Internet provider has representation in many cities across Russia.

InComA Ltd. - Internet Service Provider
InComA Ltd. technologies provide Internet access via a FastNet leased line and are able to offer the wide range of Internet services including their own Proxy and NNTP servers. On the technical side, they provide TCP/IP network connections, ISDN, X.25, ATM,

Informsvyaz-Chernozemye - Internet Service Provider
Company "Informsvyaz-Chernozemye" offers the information about Voronezh and Voronezh region enterprises economic indexes. This site is mostly in Russian with limited English information.

Institute of New Information Technologies - Internet Service Provider
This ISP Internet access to individuals and businesses Taganrog in the Rostov Region south of Moscow. In addition, WWW design, hosting, and Internet promotion services are offered. This site is in Russian only.

JSC Relcom - Internet Service Provider
JSC Relcom offers several different levels of Internet services including email, WWW access, NNTP access to USENET and RELCOM News, personal home pages, Web publishing, development and hosting. This site is in Russian and English.

KIS - Internet Service Provider
KIS provides the Nizhny Novgorod with Internet access in the on and off-line mode via email or an IP connection. A wide range of setups and prices are available depending on personal or business needs including web site design and hosting. This well organized site gives all the information needed to obtain access.

Novocherkassk ON-LINE - Internet Service Provider
This ISP serves the southern region of Russia. This site is in Russian.

Online Resource Center - Internet Service Provider
TFounded in 1996, ORC provides access to the Internet network resources. Included in its many services are email, news services, WWW access through dial-up or a permanent leased line, Web hosting and support, publishing, design and translation services. This site is in Russian and English.

OKB MEI - Internet Service Provider
This ISP serves Russia and the ex-USSR commercial & non commercial community: This site is in Russian and English.

PTT-Teleport Moscow - Internet Service Provider
This ISP provides email and Internet access. This site is in Russian.

Russia-On-Line - Internet Service Provider
Russia-On-Line provides several different levels of access to the Internet all of which include e-mail, Internet access and software and a variety of online publications. Dial up access is available in many cities in Russia and registration can be performed online with a free trial basis. WWW publishing services are also offered.

TCnet - Internet Service Provider
TCnet is an "enhanced network for high-speed access to data base servers of leading Russian mass media and other global Internet recourses." This site is in Russian and English.

Vladivostok Telegraph Internet Service - Internet Service Provider
Vladivostok Telegraph Internet Service: This Internet Service provider serves the city of Vladivostok in the Russian Far East. Most of this site is in Russian.

Svaiz Service - Internet Service Provider
Svaiz Service: This ISP serves the Bryansk region. This site is in Russian only.

SPACENET - Internet Service Provider
SPACENET provides several different levels of access to the Internet including dial-up and leased line access, email, Web access, and InternetPhone . Also available are web hosting, design, and site development. This site is in Russian.

ROSNET - Internet Service Provider
ROSNET provides access to the Internet in the online mode. Included in the services offered are Web access, telnet, FTP, news, email, IRC and talk. Other services included are integrated data transmission services, fax, telex, telegraph. This site is in Russian and English.