Internet service providers Pakistan

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Apolo Online - Internet Service SProvider
Apollo Online customers receive industrial strength connectivity to the Internet to insure reliable connections to showcase your business. Apollo Online has a strong team of security and network specialist that manages our network to provide 24x7 uptime for all your Internet business needs.

World Online - Internet Service Provider
WOL (Worl Online), a leading Data Network Operator and Internet Service Provider with network coverage of more than 500 cities. Service include information technology consulting, software development and Internet Service. Facilities include web based email with many dealers locally.

Beaconet - Internet Service Provider
Beaconet is the brand name of an Internet Service Provider being offered by Beaconhouse IT Service. Beaconhouse IT Service was established in 2000 by the Beaconhouse School System to explore the many different facets of the IT industry.

Brain Net - Internet Service Provider
Brain NET is pioneer in Internet Service industry in Pakistan and considered to be largest Internet Service provider with greater geographical coverage and vast range of internet solutions for consumer and corporate sector. One of the largest private sector ISPs with point of presence in more than 350 cities and towns. Service include dialup, DDP and ISDN.

Comsats - Internet Service Provider
COMSATS Internet Service. Offers dialup, DDP and ISDN access in Attock, Faisalabad, Gilgit, Gujar Khan, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and Sialkot.

CUBE XS - Internet Service Provider
Since the creation of CUBE XS in 1997, the Pakistan's foremost commercial ISP, the Internet market has grown and changed rapidly with businesses of all sizes undergoing changes as profound as those witnessed during the Industrial Revolution.

Cyber Access - Internet Service Provider
Cyber Access offers Total Internet Solutions for the business and home.

Cyber Net - Internet Service Provider
One of the largest ISPs in Pakistan offering dialup, DDP, DRAP, ISDN, SRAP and other Service in Faisalabad, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. CYBERNET provides innovative, open, next-generation offerings, that not only deliver integrated, results-oriented solutions, but also help prevent problems.

Dancom Online - Internet Service Provider
Dancom Online is one of the world's leading international Intrenet Service Provides. Dancom Online Service Provides dialup internet access in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Rawalpindi.


Eworld - Internet Service Provider
Established in 1999, eWorld Private Limited is a nationwide license holder of Internet Service in Pakistan.

Zab Net - Internet Service Provider
Zab Net Internet Service Provider Karachi, Pakistan.

World Call - Internet Service Provider
Telecommunication Service provider in Pakistan, including payphone service.

Super Net - Internet Service Provider
Supernet Limited Offers dialup, DDP, DRAP, ISDN, SRAP and other Service in Hyderabad, Karachi and Lahore. SUPERNET started its Service in 1994. The company is owned by the TeleCard Limited.

Shoa Net - Internet Service Provider
ShoaNet, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Sat Net - Internet Service Provider
SAT.NET - SATTECH (PVT) LTD. - Internet Service Providers.

Pak Net - Internet Service Provider
Paknet Limited, a fully owned Subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), is one of the largest public sector ISPs. Service include Internet Broadcasting, Internet Consultants, Internet Products Service, Broadband, Wireless, Internet, Online, Service Provider, ISP ...

- Internet Service Provider
Orbit was formed in 1998 and since then has been involved in developing networking solutions for wireless and other leading technologies.The company launched commercial ISP in Lahore back in year 2000 and is effectively handling corporate customers on Dialup,ISDN as well as wireless.

Netsol - Internet Service Provider
NetSol Technologies Ltd, a multinational provider of IT Service and enterprise software to the financial Service industry. Netsol offers dialup, DDP, ISDN, SRAP, DRAP and other Service in Karachi. Netsol iReady is part of the NetSol Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: NTWK).

Nexlinx - Internet Service Provider
Offers dialup, DDP, DRAP, ISDN, SRAP and other Service in Faisalabad, Gojra, Jaranwala, Kamalia, Lahore, and Tobatek Singh. Nexlinx provide wide range of Internet Service including: DSL, Wireless, Satellite, Dial-Up, ISDN.

Fascom - Internet Service Provider
Fascom Provides the Internet facilities including dedicated access through dialup or radio, corporate Intranets, LAN e-mail. Fascom Dedicated Service Offer Superior Solution For Businesses That Need Full Time, High Availability Internet Access With Maximum Performance.

G. Net - Internet Service Provider
G.Net - ISP & Broadband suppliers. We the G Net Internet & Software Hardware Service emphasize in credibility, competence, wisdom and experience.

Gem Net - Internet Service Provider
Karachi based ISP that offers dialup, DDP and ISDN Service. Gem Internet Service was set up in 1998 and has from the outset been an ISP focused solely on the needs of the business sector. Our unique approach has made us one of the fastest growing ISPs in Pakistan and we are determined to continue to 'raise the bar' in terms of what a business should expect from their ISP.

Gerrys Net - Internet Service Provider
Gerrys Net offers dialup, DDP, DRAP, ISDN, SRAP and other Service in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. Included in the portfolio of Gerry's is an Information Technology company which includes Gerry's Net - an Internet Service Provider, Gerry's Software House, ...

Go Net - Internet Service Provider
GoNet does more than simply selling Internet. Our mission is "To grow and lead the Internet markets by providing first-rate Service to out customers".

Hamdard Net - Internet Service Provider
A project of Hamdard University providing dialup and ISDN internet access in Karachi. It is running actively and serving dial-up and corporate clients of Karachi for Internet needs.

Asia Online - Internet Service Provider
Asia Online - is an online resource for Dsl Broadband, Isdn Internet, Home Dsl, Dialup Internet.

CompuNet Online - Internet Service Provider
CompuNet Online is an Internet Service Provider, based in Islamabad and Karachi dedicated to making the internet a relevant and useful communication tools for individuals and businesses. The rapid advancement of internet technology gives user a ever - increasing array of options to utilize this vast communication network.

Micro Net - Internet Service Provider
Micronet Broadband (Pvt.) Ltd. (MBL), is a leading Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) company delivering Service and solutions to businesses. MicroNet communications is a Pakistan full service IT Company. The primary objective of the company is to provide Internet service / data communication, LAN / WAN integration, on-line electronic information, eCommerce, web development, hosting, and related Service; ....

Multi Net - Internet Service Provider
Multinet offers reliable, affordable and fast Internet Service of maximum convenience. We have a service that is just right for your home. Multinet, a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia promotes communications solutions to carriers & enterprises in Pakistan by leveraging Telekom Malaysia’s extensive network capabilities around the globe and has entered the consumer market.

WorldTel Mecca - Internet Service Provider
WorldTel Mecca WorldTel Inc.'s local affiliate. Offers dialup, DDP, DRAP, ISDN and SRAP Service in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. - Internet Service Provider ISP provider in Quetta, Pakistan.

SDNP Online - Internet Service Provider
SDNP Online is a service by Sustainable Development Networking Programme (SDNP), Pakistan. It offers internet access in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore.

Net 21 - Internet Service Provider
Islamabad based ISP, Software development and data processing. Website requires Shockwave. Net-21 (Pvt) Limited was incorporated in Pakistan on 28th February 1998 under the Companies Ordinance as a Private Limited Company to provide host of Service in the field of Information Technology.

Net Access - Internet Service Provider
Net Access Communication Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. provides solutions in internet/web, intranet and E-Commerce with Virtual Payment Systems Online and customized web applications.

SSUET.Net - Internet Service Provider
Established in August 2000, SSUET.NET Internet Service Provider is a project of Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology, based in Karachi, Pakistan.The Service were launched on 14th August 2000 with high speed Fiber Optics Backbone and number of PRI lines. Already having the distinction of being the first private Engineering & Technology University in the country, SSUET.NET is the first complete ISP setup in education sector, providing the Internet Service to general & corporate market.

PERDNet - Internet Service Provider
PERDNet (Pakistan Education, Research and Development Network) is working under the administrative control of National Institute of Electronics, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan. PERDNet plans to provide value-added Service in Information Technology, particularly to individuals and institutions involved in development activities in education, research and technology sector of the country. PERDNet is also providing quality Internet service to general public.