Internet service providers Japan

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Au one net - Internet Service Provider
Au one net is a Japanese internet service provider run by KDDI Corporation and founded in July, 1997. The service name was dion until September 2007

BIGLOBE - Internet Service Provider
BIGLOBE is one of the leading internet service providers in Japan, operated by NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd.[1], a 2006 spin-off from NEC[2] . BIGLOBE is derived from the combined word, big and globe.

NIFTY Corporation - Internet Service Provider
@nifty or NIFTY Corporation is one of the leading internet service providers in Japan, and a subsidiary of Fujitsu.[1] The company was the largest Online service provider, Nifty Serve, in Japan. With the spread of the Internet, it started internet service in 1996. In 1999, it absorbed a Fujitsu's ISP, InfoWeb. In 2006, the online service finished.

Plala - Internet Service Provider
Plala is a major Japanese internet service provider operated by NTT Plala Inc.[1] It was established in 1995 and focus on personal internal service. Its major stockholder is NTT Communications Corp[2]. The company's name was changed to "NTT Plala" from "Plala" on March 1, 2008.

Open Computer Network - Internet Service Provider
OCN or Open Computer Network, is a Japanese internet service provider owned by NTT Communications Corp, one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Japan.

So-net - Internet Service Provider
So-net is a Japanese internet service provider operated by So-net Entertainment Corporation.

Asahi Net - Internet Service Provider
More than 100 domestic access points. Free access from digital cell phones until August 2000.

NTT West Flets - Internet Service Provider
Provides ADSL services.

Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. - Internet Service Provider
Operating cable TV, broadband Internet access, and telephony services in Japan.


GNJ Spectrum - Internet Service Provider
A BBS offering Internet, OneNet, OneNet Japan and Pride International Network gateways to people in Japan. We also have special support areas for members of the gay community in Japan.

SpinNet - Internet Service Provider
"SpinPhone is SpinNet's VoIP phone, a voice communication service using IP technology. Calls between SpinPhone users are free of charge. Calls between SpinPhone and other ISPs are free or moderately priced. Customers of NTT FLET'S service and SpinNet eADSL service can apply for this service."

Giganet - Internet Service Provider
Providing dial-up Internet access, leased-lines, and corporate WWW space for all of Japan. Access points throughout the Kanto and Kansai regions.

Sanynet - Internet Service Provider
Offers ADSL, ISDN, dial-up access, and hosting services. SANYNET always strives to provide its customers with the best Internet service possible.

Global OnLine Japan - Internet Service Provider
GOL as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) has been bringing "reliability" to the "" brand and taking "Quality" seriously since its foundation in 1994, when the Japanese Internet business was just getting started. GOL meets its customer's needs with the nationwide expansion of stable, high-speed connections and excellent bilingual support.

HA Telecom - Internet Service Provider
Since June 1995,HA Telecom has been developing Internet service as the 1st provider in Gifu prefecture,Japan.Making the most of our Internet business experience,we are now promoting IT business in this area.Furthermore,we are supporting the familiar information and internationalization for people in this area.

Internet Initiative Japan - Internet Service Provider
IIJ assigns IPv6 addresses and provides connectivity to the IPv6 network by means of "IPv6-over-IPv4 tunneling". Full managed internet VPN service.

BAOBABNET - Internet Service Provider
BAOBAB Internet services. Providers, IP Connection, Access Point, Services.

2Channel - Internet Service Provider
The popular 2Channel discussion board service also doubles as a free internet provider. Connection speeds of 56K analog, and 64K and 128K (dual) ISDN are supported, though you will have to pay double the per-minute telephone rate for the 128K ISDN service. 2Channel has access points all over Japan.

Net2Roam - Internet Service Provider
The Global Internet Roaming Service. Net2Roam introduces technology that enables users to access the Internet worldwide. This clever system saves you a fortune on your Internet roaming bills. Get Worldwide Internet Access at local rates everywhere. With 22,000 dial up Global access numbers and an unrestricted free smtp relay service allowing you to send and receive emails from your mail accounts.

Alpha Net - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access at local call rates, and connection speeds of up to 56K (analog) and 64K (ISDN). There is also limited support for some internet-enabled mobile phones.

Clicom - Internet Service Provider
Clickom offers free internet connectivity with over 100 access points across Japan. 56K analog and 64K ISDN connections are supported. [b]NOTE:[/b] The dialer software needed to connect to the service only works on Windows. - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access provider with 140 access points across Japan. Offers both 64K ISDN access and 56K (V90) analog access. The service also includes a free email address with 10MB of storage. Users must answer a certain number of emailed questionnaires a month to continue to receive free service.

AKARI - Internet Service Provider
Free ISP in Japan (Shikoku).

ATN - Internet Service Provider
Free ISP in eastern Japan. 10MB email.

FreeNavi - Internet Service Provider
FreeNavi's service works with both Mac and Windows PCs. A free email account with 10MB of storage and 2 email aliases is also included. FreeNavi is a regional free internet service provider, so local-call access points are limited to parts of Nagano, Gifu, Mie, Aichi and Shizuoka prefecture. Connectivity is also offered to owners of Astel-brand internet-enabled PHS phones, at a higher per-minute rate.

FREECOM - Internet Service Provider
Free ISP in Japan.

LIVEDOOR - Internet Service Provider
Free internet service provider in Japan. Has many access points through out the Japan. Livedoor gets very good reviews from their users. Mac version release was delayed. Users are provided with 50mb of webspace for personal website.

SHIOJIRI - Internet Service Provider
Free provider in Japan, Nagano Shiojiri city, email and website.

SOLOOT - Internet Service Provider
Free ISP in Japan. Any operating system supported. Username: solo, pass: solo.

Freeserve - Internet Service Provider
Freeserve offers free internet access at 56K, 64K ISDN and 128K ISDN speeds, as well as PHS-based internet access. Customers only have to pay for a call at local rates (the 128K ISDN service uses two phone channels simultaneously and is charged at 2x the regular per-minute rate). The service includes a free email account with 2MB of storage space.