Internet service providers Italy

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FASTWEB - Internet Service Provider
FASTWEB is an Italian broadband telecommunications company. It provides voice, Internet and cable and IPTV television and FTTH connection. The cable television and IPTV service was developed by Fastweb themselves as the technology market in 2000 was not mature enough to offer the level of sophistication required to deploy and manage a premium service.

Akfree - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access for the price of a local call. Includes 56K analog and 64K ISDN access and a free email account with 5MB of storage space.

Tiscali SpA - Internet Service Provider
Tiscali SpA (BIT: TIS) is a European telecommunications company, based in Cagliari, Italy, and provides internet and telecommunications services to Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Czech Republic. The company acquired many European Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throughout the late 1990s, although in subsequent years many of those assets were sold on to other companies.

12Move - Internet Service Provider
12Move (pronounced: one-two-move) is a dial-up internet service provider operating in several European markets. It was established in January 2000 as a joint venture between World Online and Shell Online B.V., a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. In September 2000, World Online was purchased by Tiscali, an ISP based in Italy. In November 2001, Tiscali purchased Shell's 40% ownership of 12Move for EUR 16 Million in cash.

Telecom Italia - Internet Service Provider
Telecom Italia is an Italian telco. Telecom Italia operates landline telephone services (in Italy), GSM phone services (as TIM, present in Italy and Brazil) and ADSL services with the brand Alice in Italy, Germany (Hansenet, bought by Telecom Italia in 2003, accquired the internet access branch of AOL Germany in 2006/2007), France (after the acquisition of Liberty Surf in 2005) and the Netherlands (through the controlled company BB Ned).

Aruba - Internet Service Provider
Aruba is a free internet service provider that offers "single-number" access to the internet anywhere in Italy, at local rates. Users can connect at 56K and 64K ISDN speeds, and are given a web email account with a 50MB storage quota.

CRM S.r.l.
CRM is a company which designs Internet sites for business, organisations and individuals. The proposed aim is to realize every work with the best care and originality, using all the equipment offered by modern technology.

Quipo - Internet Service Provider
Quipo offers a full-featured free internet service, with a single local-rate number enabling access anywhere in Italy. Users can connect at 56K or at 128K ISDN speeds. The service also includes a free email account with 25MB of storage and anti-spam/anti-virus filters, 150MB of web hosting space for a personal site, access to USENET newsgroups and more.

Netsystem - Internet Service Provider
Netsystem - Offers a broadband internet connection via satellite to a wide customer base. You can surf the Internet at speeds up to 300 kbps, for 1,5 Gigabytes of data, non cumulative, per month.

Etsintäpalvelu - Internet Service Provider - Offers residential customers and business a wide range of products and advanced Internet service technically in the vanguard.

Synapsis - Internet Service Provider
Commercial Internet provider in naples, Italy.

Libero Infostrada - Internet Service Provider
Libero offers free internet access at local telephone rates from anywhere in Italy, as well as a free email account with 5MB of storage and IMAP4 functionality, 25MB of disk space for building your web site and, exceptionally for a free provider, toll-free telephone support!

Supermed - Internet Service Provider
We offer to the companies solutions of connettivitā of highly professional level. Products and Services Intranet. Planning, realization, administration and restructure of business LAN.

Venetian Navigator - Internet Service Provider
Offering Internet access in Venice.

Microelettra Internet Provider - Internet Service Provider
Offers IP connectivity, dial-up service, housing, and web space rental.

NETTuno - Internet Service Provider
Access points in more then 15 cities. We provide added value services, both for commercial and pubblic administration entities.

Sistemia New Service - Internet Service Provider
Internet provider. Product and service on the Web.

Zero-Web - Internet Service Provider
We offer 1-900 ( 144 ) Internet access from all across Italy as well as web space for companies and individuals.

Alice ADSL - Internet Service Provider
Alice ADSL Service Italy.

TIN Telecom Italia Net - Internet Service Provider
TIN Telecom Italia Net: Both a portal and Internet Service Provider, Telecom Italia Net provides a number of links to sites. They offer ISDN and ADSL service, but you have to buy your modem at a TIN store.

Wind - Internet Service Provider
Wind was presented by the Italian electricity monopoly (ENEL) and offers free access to Internet from fixed and mobile phones. Unfortunately they want you to download Shockwave Flash before they will let you see their web.

MCLink - Internet Service Provider
MCLink was a pioneer BBS in Italy, now provides ADSL and ISDN service mostly to businesses. The home page has links to many sites including a software library, and a mirror for Tucows in Italy.

IOL - Internet Service Provider
IOL was one of the first providers offered by a big corporation (Olivetti). It therefore has a large (for Italy) online community of over 15,000 members. They also created on of the first search engines, Arianna.

Infinito - Internet Service Provider
Infinito was brought to Italy by British Telecom. It offers access to Internet, an unlimited number of mail addresses, as well as 100 megabytes of web space. All for free.

Ciao Web - Internet Service Provider
Ciao Web is an ISP and portal financed in part by the Agnelli family, it offers free access to the Internet, 40 MB of space for your web, and 7 MB space in your mailbox. Forthose in Italy without Internet access, make a free phone call (800-632632) and they will send a free CD-Rom.

SUPEREVA.IT - Internet Service Provider
Popular community portal in Italy offers 40mb homepage, 2mb web email, dialup 56k/isdn access and more.

Kataweb - Internet Service Provider
Kataweb is the outgrowth of Espresso Edit, which publishes the national Italian daily La Repubblica and L'Espresso magazine. It aspires to be one of the principal portals to Italy, and also has a search engine.

Clubnautilus - Internet Service Provider
Free ISP in Italy. One dialup number for whole country: 7020702789.

Internet Free - Internet Service Provider
Free isp in italy. Has almost 1000 pops around the country.

Gonuts4free - Internet Service Provider
Gonuts4free Italy offers free Internet access in Italy with support in Italian, English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. Connect for free to the Internet in Italy. pop and smtp.

- Internet Service Provider
Free ISP in Italy. Jumpy is the creation of Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset, presented in late 1999, a latecomer to the Italian web portal list. From Italy there's a toll-free number from Italy, 800-542121, call and they will send you a free CD-Rom. They provide access to 32,000 newsgroups.