Internet service providers Netherlands

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12move - Internet Service Provider
12Move (pronounced: one-two-move) is a dial-up internet service provider operating in several European markets. It was established in January 2000 as a joint venture between World Online and Shell Online B.V., a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell.

Casema - Internet Service Provider
Casema is a major dutch provider of cable television, internet and telephone services. The company is mainly active in and around the cities of Den Haag, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Amstelveen, and Breda. Casema has connections in approximately 1.4 million homes.

Claranet - Internet Service Provider
Claranet is an Internet Service Provider with over 11 years’ experience in the IT industry. Claranet provides Internet services to over 300,000 customers across Europe. Since 2005 Claranet has full presence in The Netherlands. Out of the city of Eindhoven Medium Sized businesses are served with hosting, access, security, networking and voice services.

NLnet - Internet Service Provider
Stichting NLnet was formally established as a "stichting" (Dutch for foundation) in February 1989. In November 1994 Stichting NLnet created NLnet BV (a Dutch Limited liability corporation) as a commercial operating subsidiary and so incorporated the first internet service provider in The Netherlands. In 1996 the internet provision services company was acquired by UUnet, which had just became a subsidiary of MFS. MFS was acquired shortly thereafter by Worldcom, which then initiated a takeover bid on MCI.

Feeler - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access and an email account. All you pay for is a local call.

XS4ALL - Internet Service Provider
XS4ALL (internet slang for "access for all") is the third-oldest ISP in the Netherlands, after NLnet and SURFnet. However, XS4ALL was the first company to offer internet to individuals. Based in Amsterdam, it offers dial-up access as well as ADSL. XS4ALL is currently one of the larger ISPs in The Netherlands.

SURFnet - Internet Service Provider
SURFnet as an organisation was established in 1986 and in 1989 started supplying IP connectivity services, deploying the TCP/IP suite. SURFnet is a subsidiary of a not-for-profit foundation SURF which is short for Samenwerkende Universitaire Reken Faciliteiten translated to English as Co-operative Universitarian Computing Facilities.

FreeAccess - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access in the Netherlands for the price of a local call.

Planet Internet - Internet Service Provider
Planet Internet is one of the largest internet service providers (ISPs) in the Netherlands. Planet Internet is a brand of the Planet Media Group, which is a subsidiary of KPN. Planet Internet opened office in 1995, offering services such as internet access and content.


Amazed - Internet Service Provider
Provides Internet access in the Northern part of the Netehrlands and provides regional information.

Bos Internet Services - Internet Service Provider
Internet Provider for the central part of the Netherlands: leaed lines, dial-in PPP, WWW, consultancy and support. Bos Internet service Provider are part of ZXFactory Ltd.

CompuServe Nederland - Internet Service Provider
Dutch department of international ISP. CompuServe offer ADSL with moreover a scale to services such as a free fax number, mobile services, news in the Netherlands, everything concerning film, games datingservice, the shop and the Instant Messenger.

DelftNET - Internet Service Provider
Internet provider for the region hedge countries (digs, The Hague, Rotterdam, zoetermeer and Naaldwijk (West country). DelftNET is focusing his expertise in the applications development of internet for buisess-to-business companies.

Scarlet - Internet Service Provider
With 4 the Mb/s Internet connection get you sufficient speed to surf with several computers at the same time, e-mail and music/films to download without date limit.

PublishNET - Internet Service Provider ADSL connection are to times as much as hundred faster than Internet by means of analogous or ISDN connections. With the ADSL modems approved by and routers which you can at your application meebestellen are the ADSL connection several using people at the same time.

Zon Net - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access (analog or ISDN connectivity) plus POP3/web-based email with 5MB of storage space, 20MB of space to build a homepage, free email-based support and more. Telephone support is offered for a per-minute fee, and various premium connectivity plans are available, including broadband connectivity.

Wish - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access, plus 2MB space for a homepage and web-based mail facilities. Support is offered through a (for fee) hotline.

Wanadoo - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access across the Netherlands - all you pay for is the phone call. The service supports 56K analog and 128K ISDN connection speeds, and includes 2 email accounts with 20MB of space, as well as 20MB of storage for a personal homepage.

- Internet Service Provider
Free internet access, POP3 email and 5MB of space for your homepage.

Tiscali - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access, email and 5MB of storage space for a homepage. Premium telephone support is available.

MyWeb - Internet Service Provider
Free internet access at up to 128KB (dual ISDN) speeds, plus POP3 email and 21MB of storage space in which to set up your homepage. You'll also get access to USENET newsgroups. Members receive a beginner's guide to the Internet tutorial on CD-ROM, and can join the MyWeb club, which offers various online shopping discounts and other benefits. Connectivity is available at local rates anywhere in the country.