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Xianyang Hotels

Oriental Hotel  
Hotel Address: Oriental Hotel Xian Suzaku Avenue 393, Xi'an, China
Hotel Description:Oriental Hotel stands on the southern outskirts of the ancient city of Xi'an Cultural District, the hotel is the location to meet the monk Xuan Zang Li Shimin grand return of the Feng Shui Buddhist sutras; nearby attractions include the Wild Goose Pagoda, Small Wild Goose Pagoda, Shaanxi Provincial History Museum, Tai Hing Temple and other scenic areas of good . East of the lobby decorated with magnificent charm of traditional Western culture, magnificent, luxurious warmth, elegance of style filling hotel noble; hotel main entrance of the huge relief <>,<< Han Soul>>, Qin Zheng, Han Dynasty, Bells, Flying, Great Wall, the desert, Camel and other Chinese glorious culture, showing the cultural charm of the east grand.

Splendid Hotel  
Hotel Address:No. 3 Road, Xianyang City, China
Hotel Description:Splendid Hotel is located in Xianyang City, China Road, Qindu District 3, only 3 km from the city center, convenient transportation and pleasant scenery. Hotel Splendid China is a food and beverage, accommodation, leisure and office in one of the luxury foreign hotels with a total business area of 8,000 square meters. F & B can accommodate 600 people dining, including the size of the rooms more than 30 rooms, spacious lobby is your splendid welcome dinner, the party's best choice. Housekeeping decorated luxury, elegant, spacious and quiet, but can accommodate more than 200 people. Splendid China hotel opening, in the municipal government and leaders at all levels of care and support of the chairman of WU under the wise leadership of Mr. Sword has made remarkable achievements. Has been rated: Green restaurant, hotel services, provincial trust companies, 20 companies, food and beverage association member unit, the text ...