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BMW Motors  
BMW Motors offers BMW cars for sale.

Buick Motors  
As early as in 1907, Buick car rides on the enjoyment of doctors known as requested by the doctors to the standard, in addition to the Buick, there is no other automobile plant capable of producing such a high-quality automobile.In 1908, Buick's president, Mrs Blue created a special General Motors Corporation, and in this group, including the establishment of the Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Auckland 30 kinds, such as well-known brands.Buick has been committed to the inhibition caused by the emission of air. 1994Long Life Engine Coolant? 1994, the entire Buick line with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, and the best to maintain calm efficiency, and ensure that the engine life of Long Life Engine Coolant.

Cadillac Motors  
"Creating a perfect landing, devices," such a dream, makes Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, 300 years ago (in 1701) the French nobility title and extravagant life, ideal for landing the United States, created the modern automobile City -- Detroit City.Night Vision launched the world's first "infrared night vision systems, until 2003 Cadillac will be the sole owner of this brand with the 2000 Geneva Motor Show, Cadillac IMAJ first appearance caused the public amazing. Cadillac IMAJ is a high-tech concept cars. its Cadillac displayed by the continuation of the "Art and Technology" design philosophy. Cadillac IMAJ not only provide modern science and technology, and its ultimate goal is to create a visual display can Drama Effect of High Performance saloon car. Cadillac IMAJ more in the October 2000 Paris auto show concept car was in the "best choice for consumers."

Ford Lio Ho in Taiwan  
FORD practice everyone can have a fun car to the dream of sweeping the future of the 21st century have become master of your energy, your power, your wonderful catalyst for unexpected FORD wonderful, in the hearts of every owner fermentation … launched in your enthusiasm, but it also launched a new driving pleasure!In constantly pushing forward a century later, Ford has been prepared to face another new century and a new millennium completely different century.

Honda Motors  
Honda Motors Offers honda cars and motorbikes for sale.

Hyundai Motors  
Hyundai led the industry placing five cars at the top of their respective segments in the most recent Total Quality Survey by the U.S. based Strategic Vision. The survey measured the rational and emotional experience of buying, owning, driving, and servicing vehicles after 90 days ownership. And in the J.D.Power and Associates Initial Quality Survey, our Elantra and Accent placed among the top three in their segments. Also, in a widely followed annual survey of the 100 global brands, Hyundai was named among the fastest growing in brand value, a truly remarkable accomplishment.

Kia Motors  
Kia Motors offers Kia cars for sale.

Landrover Motors  
In recent years sport utility vehicles in the fast-growing Asian region, the depot competing joined SUV market. British luxury brand Land Rover sport utility vehicles observed that the Asian region fierce market competition, particularly optimistic about Taiwan's luxury SUV market prospects.

Lexus Taiwan  
Lexus Taiwan offers Lexus cars for sale.


Nissan Taiwan  
Nissan Taiwan offers Nissan motors for sale.