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Honda Motors  
Honda Motors offers Honda cars for sale and offers British insurance company Warranty Direct and magazine What Car? conducted a poll titanic work on several tens of thousands of drivers used cars (ranging in age from 3 to 9 years).

Mercedes Benz Motors  
Ltd. "Road House Energy GmbH" IP "is the successor of Sulzer AG Helbig --general representation of Mercedes-Benz AG" and in 1992 received the status of "regional representation" DaimlerChrysler AG in Belarus. International concern "united" DaimlerChrysler AG automotive brands such as "Maybach", "Mercedes Benz", "Chrysler", "Jeep", "Dodge", "Smart", "Fraytliner", "Sterling", "Western Star" " Xetra "," Fuzeau "Mitsubishi and others. All are represented in more than 200 countries around the world. The three main lines of the "Road House" Energia GmbH is selling brand new cars "Mercedes-Benz", one of the leading brands "DaimlerChrysler AG", as well as the provision of quality services for original technologies "Mercedes Benz" and sale of original spare parts " Mercedes-Benz ".

Volkswagen Motors  
The success of the company Volkswagen worldwide due not only to the development of innovative and high quality of consumer Volkswagen cars, but the use of a unique system of Volkswagen Service ® service. Philosophy brand Volkswagen Service ® is: "The first car sells marketing, and the rest - service." The technological level of cars is increasing every year. Designers and designers largest automobile companies break head to improve existing units and assemblies. The construction vehicles appear more and more systems. All these efforts are aimed at improving the safety, reliability, comfort and reduce operational costs. But obvious and the fact that next to technological level vehicles should grow and the level of maintenance and repair of motor vehicles. The company Volkswagen, a human car market leader of Belarus, aware that new cars are the engine of development of car. That is why a great deal of attention is being given to the service centers Volkswagen art facilities. That is why the Secretary-Volkswagen importer maintain a permanent culture of quality control and customer service centers in the company. That is why every year seminars Service "pros" among service Volkswagen. And we are proud that the dealer and service network in Belarus Volkswagen rightly considered to be the most developed.

Mazda Motors  
trying to copy. One hundred and sixty - so many cars on the roads travelled Mazda Belarus in 1995. A drop in the sea in traditional for our country brands manufactured in Europe. Today, the drop has become a sea of more than 35000 vehicles on the bonnet which famous logo Mazda. It's nothing but a goal of the gate rivals? And that growth in the Belarusian market is not sought anyone. Although all started under friendly skeptics doubt. Few believed that the Motor Vehicle tree models Mazda "choice" on the Belarusian land. But few enthusiasts delight space design, impeccable technique and high reliability Mazda, was not stopped. In less than a year, has formed a team of people dedicated, and was built at St. car dealership. Sharangovicha, 1. The battle for customer deployed in several directions. In 1995 the Atlanta-M Holpi "constantly involved in the showroom, and the advertising campaigns run from Big, unusual for the market.

Volvo Motors  
This site was established to make available information about possible services, which provides our company, to help move in the Belarusian market automobile brands such as Volvo. The pages section of our site, you will find all the necessary information on the models we have submitted brand, conditions of sale, warranties and service. You can also see the latest news from the life of our company and Automobile Corporation, which we represent, to buy or sell a used car, ask all the questions managers ZAO Elitavto "and quickly get answers, as well as familiarize themselves with a number of additional services, one way or another avtomirom related.

BMW Motors  
st. Yanka Kupala 27
Sales a / m: +375 44 7722000, +375 17 2895416
Division h / h: +375 17 2895416
+375 17 2895416